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Passions Character Descriptions

Ned/Noah Bennett
Played by Dylan Fergus
Written by Jessica

Family: Ned is really Noah Bennett, meaning that Sam Bennett is his father, Kay and Jessica are his sisters, Ethan is his brother, Maria and Jane are his nieces, and, of course, Grace is his mother.

Age: Probably early to mid twenties, same as Fancy, although he’s probably a year or two older.

Marital Status: Single. Was dating a woman named Sandra in Vegas but that didn’t work out. Fancy will most likely be his future girlfriend on the show.

Character Traits: Well mannered, quick thinking (always with a trick or two up his sleeve), and, of course, occasionally has a cocky attitude.

Love Interests: Appeared at first to be VERY interested in his ‘girlfriend’ Sandra, but she’s out of the picture now and it seems like Ned has a definite interest in Fancy, which should be pretty obvious considering all the times he’s kissed her in one night.

Profession: Ned (Noah) was a college student. He told Fancy this when they were still in his room in the unfinished part of the hotel. He wanted to be a doctor but quit in 2003. If Ned is, indeed, Noah Bennett, then he was sending newsletters and such to Sam from his college, pretending to still be in school. Sam, of course, decided that he wanted to talk to Noah, so he called the college, remembering that Noah had said he sometimes shut off his cell phone when he was studying. The headmaster/principal of the college checked the records and said that Noah had not been with the college since 2003.

Wrong Place, Wrong Time: Ned was with Fancy when they found the dead body of her would-be-rapist and was also with her when the murderer discovered that his money was gone and chased after them.

Friends: He doesn’t seem to have a lot of friends, perhaps because he has a problem when it comes to money; that is, he doesn’t really have any, and the little bits he does have go on gambling. He did behave a little rudely towards Fancy but, then, she did behave in a very self-centered way. He sometimes shows that he does care about her safety. The first time was in the Casino when he saw her with the guy who tried to rape her. Ned tried to warn her that the guy was a creep, but, being stubborn, Fancy continued to ‘enjoy’ her evening with him. The second time was when she was running away and entered a room in the unfinished part of the hotel. Ned saw her shaking and was very caring, seeming concerned that she was so frightened when he lightly touched her shoulder. The most recent time he showed that he did care was when he told her that he would escort her to the airport before they went their separate ways. However, he decided that wasn’t safe either and waited with her for a taxi. Before he got into his taxi, he told her to be careful. The time they spent together before they left Vegas also points towards a possible love connection later on in the series.

Hates: His father. Well, ok, he doesn’t exactly HATE his father but whenever "daddies" are brought up, he gets a little touchy and wants to "forget about daddy", so he’s obviously angry with his father.

What’s new: After telling Fancy that they would have to go their separate ways, he got on a plane, assumed to be heading for Harmony. He had no idea that Fancy got on the same plane with her dog, and she didn’t know he was on the plane. 

Proofread by Laura on 6/7/11

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