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Passions Character Descriptions

Miguel Lopez-Fitzgerald
Played by Jesse Metcalfe

Character traits:  Naive, a good friend. 

Age:  20s

Marital Status:  Single.

Profession:  Between jobs.

Friends in Harmony:  Kay, Charity, Reese, Simone, and Jessica.

Relatives:  Pilar (mother), Martin (father), Antonio and Luis (brothers), Theresa and Paloma (sisters), Maria (daughter), little Ethan and Marty (nephews), and Jane (niece).

Relationship:  He dated Charity.

Love Life:  He fell in love with Charity when he first saw her at the Harmony carnival. Though they kept missing each other at first, they finally saw each other again when she was about to leave Harmony with her mother. Charity persuaded her mother, Faith, to stay in Harmony and Charity and Miguel grew closer.

Charity's Hero:  He had to save Charity's life numerous times because of Kay's schemes, most notably during the H*ll in the closet storyline. Kay sold her soul to Hecuba. Hecuba wanted Kay to pay up (when she didn't want to) and ended up trying to destroy the Bennett family. Miguel came to Charity's rescue, and he almost died fighting off the demons (yes, you read that right).  

Miguel also saved Charity when she almost fell through the ice while they were skating. He ended up getting hurt while he was saving her and almost died, but a miracle saved him.

Miguel saved her life again when they were on an island together.

Raped:  When zombie Charity was trying to kill Miguel, Kay intervened. Zombie Charity stole Charity's essence so she could have her way with Miguel and kill him. Kay took Charity's essence and was going to get rid of it, but she decided against it and used it to be with Miguel herself. She ended up getting pregnant.

The Wedding:  When he was going to marry Charity, Kay found out she was pregnant. Charity wanted to call the wedding off because he had cheated on her. He was finally able to convince Charity that he loved only her but Kay wouldn't have it. She used her baby to get closer to Miguel and it worked.  Charity ended up breaking up with Miguel again.

Fatherhood:  When Charity broke up with him, he decided to be there for his daughter Maria, but he couldn't find a job because he was blackballed by Rebecca. Kay said she would get a job while he went to school to get his degree. This seemed to work for a while and though he was actually spending time with his daughter, he was still in love with Charity.  

Left town:  When Charity decided to leave Harmony, he decided to go after her. Even though he sends Maria money, he hasn't been back in Harmony since he left. 

Proofread by Laura on 8/16/11

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