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Passions Character Descriptions

Martin Lopez-Fitzgerald
Played by Richard Steinmetz
Written by Jessica

Daughters:  Theresa and Paloma.

Sons:  Luis, Antonio (deceased) and Miguel (left to chase after Charity).

Wife:  Pilar

Mistress:  Was Katherine Crane (and, perhaps, will be in the future... only the writers of Passions will know).

Grandchildren: Jane (Theresa and Ethanís baby girl), Little Ethan (Theresa and Julianís boy, although some people believe that heís Ethanís son), Maria (Miguel and Kayís daughter) and Marty (Luis and Sheridanís son).

Age: Probably around late 40s or early 50s (then again, he did have plastic surgery).

Marital Status: Currently married to Pilar Lopez-Fitzgerald. It was believed earlier in the show that Martin was dead or, more like, missing but presumed dead by the police. Pilar and her children never gave up hope, though, and Martin was always in their prayers. The day that he came back it was revealed that he had a mistress who was none other than Katherine Crane, Alistairís wife and Sheridanís mother (although there is some belief that Rachel, Katherineís sister, may have been Sheridanís real mother, but it has not been confirmed).

Character Traits: Caring, at least it seems so most of the time. Despite what his children may believe Martin does care about them and their mother. He also cares about Katherine because of the time they spent together in Mexico, where they had been hiding. Another character trait is being annoying. First he tells Pilar that heís coming back to her, that he loves her, but then Katherineís back and boom! He runs back to her side leaving Pilar depressed and lonely. Katherine asks him to renew his vows to Pilar and boom! He says he will. Katherine seems to have him wrapped around her little finger: whether or not love is involved, sheís somewhat controlling of Martinís life, perhaps not intentionally, but she is.

First Love: Martinís first love was the woman he chose to marry, Pilar. He had five children with her and it seemed like things were working out. Eventually, however, because of the secret about the gazebo, Martin had to leave and, coincidentally, so did Katherine. They both decided to head for Mexico and hid out there never knowing that Alistair knew they were there, never knowing that they were far from hidden.

Second Love: Martinís second love was the woman he had run away to Mexico with. Thatís right, Katherine. Eventually Martin returned and he did go back to Pilar for a while: Katherine had decided to leave so that everyone could live the way they should. For instance, Luis would no longer be angry with Sheridan, Martin would be free to go back to Pilar, and Luis, Theresa and Paloma would be able to have the stable family that they deserved. She eventually returned and Martin went back to her. Now, after being asked by both Alistair and Katherine to renew his vows to Pilar, Martin is back with Pilar for good. Or so it would seem at the moment.

Profession: Martin isnít really doing anything right now. He has a lot of lost time to make up for to his wife and children and he probably wonít have a job anytime soon, if ever.

Past: Martin was married to Pilar and seemed to be happy. Then, Alistair was a problem: Alistair threatened to harm Martinís family, as well as Martin, if certain conditions were not met. That, along with the fact that there was a deadly secret to the gazebo, made Martin flee, along with Katherine Crane who was being raped by her husband. Spending time together, they eventually fell in love, and although they couldnít wed because each was married to another (and believed to be dead), they lived together. Paloma came into the picture as a younger teenager (sixteen, perhaps seventeen). When she was living with her aunt in Mexico, she became friends with Ďthe Wheelersí as Martin and Katherine were known, but poor Paloma never knew that all along she was friends with her father, whom her family refused to accept was dead. When they all returned to Harmony, things got interesting. It was revealed that Martin was indeed Luis, Theresa, and Palomaís father (I donít mention Antonio or Miguel because they are no longer on the show), and that Katherine, a.k.a Mrs. Wheeler, was Katherine Crane, wife to Alistair Crane and Ďmotherí to Sheridan and Julian.

Friends: Martin is obviously friends with Katherine, and always will be since they have the closest relationship they could ever have. Other than Katherine, Martin doesnít seem to have a lot of friends, though Sam Bennett is part of his life.

Hates: Alistair. Then again, who doesnít? Perhaps it is true that Alistair is only evil because of losing his real love, Rachel, who was murdered by Sheridan, and maybe that is why he continues trying to kill her or ruin her life. Either way, Martin does, and always will, hate Alistair.

Whatís going on with Martin? Now that Katherine knows the supposed deadly secret of the gazebo, she canít let Alistair ruin Sheridanís life. However, he told Katherine if she didnít return to the mansion as his wife, he would tell everyone that Sheridan murdered her dear aunt Rachel. That wasnít the end of the bargain: Alistair made Martin say that he would renew his wedding vows to Pilar and leave Alistairís wife alone.

Proofread by Laura on 7/11/11

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