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Passions Character Descriptions

Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald
Played by Galen Gering


Character traits:  Cares about his family, is religious, believes in honesty, is heroic and naive when it comes to Beth.

Age:  20s - 30s

Marital status:  Single, but he's in love with Sheridan.

Relatives:  Pilar (mother), Antonio and Miguel (brothers), Theresa and Paloma (sisters), Sheridan (sister-in-law), Little Ethan (nephew), Maria (niece), and Martin (son).

Profession:  Police officer, used to run the youth center.

Friends in Harmony:  Hank, Ethan, Chad, Sam, and Beth.

Past relationship:  He dated Beth when he was in high school.

Run-ins with the Cranes:  He first met Ethan while he was making love with Gwen on the beach. He gave them a ticket for it. Luis thought that the Cranes acted as if they were above the law. He felt that way again when he had a run-in with Sheridan. She ran into his jeep. When he found out who she was, they got into an argument. After they argued, he arrested her. He vowed to never see her again.

Meeting Sheridan again:  When she went to court after he arrested her, she was sentenced to community service. She had to work for him at the youth center. They didn't get along at first but eventually they did.

Challenges:  He kept challenging Sheridan at different things. He thought that she couldn't play basketball so she challenged him to a game. He didn't think she could tango so he made her prove that she could. Sparks flew between them during the dance.

Killed his "father":  A man came to town claiming to be Martin Fitzgerald. The Cranes hired him. The reason they hired him is still unknown. He was supposed to stay out of sight but Luis saw him. Martin held Sheridan at gunpoint and Luis had to decide which one to save. He wound up shooting Martin and saving Sheridan. He felt guilty about killing his father. It was later revealed that the man was an imposter.

Attraction:  As Luis and Sheridan grew closer, their feelings for each other grew stronger. He kept denying his feelings for her because he didn't want to get involved with a Crane. Despite the way he felt about the Cranes, he kissed Sheridan several times.

Arrested:  When Sheridan went back to Paris to settle matters with her ex-fiancé Jean Luc, Pilar thought that Sheridan would be in danger. She told Luis to go out there to protect her. She was in danger from the drug cartel. He had to kidnap her to get her to come back home because she refused to leave.  When she came to, she had him arrested. Julian told him that the charges would be dropped if he agreed to stay away from Sheridan. He agreed and the charges were dropped.

The bodyguard:  After he agreed to stay away from Sheridan, he was chosen to be Sheridan's bodyguard. Sam told him that he would make detective if he took the job. At first he refused but then realized that if he became a detective, he would make more money for his family.  

His feelings for Sheridan grew stronger while he was protecting her. They finally admitted to their feelings for each other.

Heroic acts (all):  Luis has saved people a few times. The first time was when he shot his phony father, Martin who was about to kill Sheridan so he could get away. Luis killed him instead of Sheridan.

He saved Sheridan from a mugger.

He helped save Miguel when he fell in the ice at the skating rink.

He saved Sheridan again when the drug cartel was after her in Paris. They were trying to keep Sheridan from testifying against them, so they tried to kill her.  He saved her from getting shot.

When Sheridan was buried alive, he helped dig her out of the grave.

Faux Luis:  Julian hired a man to pretend to be Luis so he could break up Luis and Sheridan. The faux Luis made it look as if he was just using Sheridan for her money. He was on the phone telling someone that he was just using Sheridan. She overheard this and thought that he was saying this about her. At first she didn't want to confront him about it, but then she finally did. He tried to tell her that it wasn't him, but she didn't believe it. He told her that they should get past it and start again. She agreed and they finally got together.

Breakups with Sheridan (all):  Luis and Sheridan were finally happy, but Alistair wanted them to break up. He told Julian to think of a way to do it. He thought of a way and Luis and Sheridan broke up during their engagement party. Julian hired the faux Luis again. This time, he was supposed to keep them from getting married. He was ordered to make Luis look as if he was making love to another woman. Sheridan was supposed to see them together and break up with him. They were able to get past this and they got back together. Luis and Sheridan came up with a plan to set up Julian; they knew that Julian was behind the misunderstanding with the faux Luis.  

Luis broke up with Sheridan when she refused to tell Antonio the truth about their relationship. He was ready to tell the truth, but she didn't want to hurt Antonio, so Luis gave up and decided to break up with her.

Recently, they broke up when Sheridan tried to set Luis free. She didn't want him to wait around for her forever.

Breakups with Beth (all): Luis broke up with Beth when they were in high school. He had to help support his family when his father and brother left Harmony.

Luis got back together with Beth when Sheridan was dead for the second time.  When Sheridan returned to Harmony, he broke up with her.

Luis went back to Beth when he thought that Sheridan was never going to leave Antonio. When he worked things out with Sheridan, he broke up with Beth again.

Torn apart from Sheridan (all):  The first time that Luis and Sheridan were torn apart was when he thought that the drug cartel had killed her. He kept seeing her face, so he didn't believe that she was dead. He found out that Sheridan wasn't really dead but that she was buried alive. When she arrived at the hospital, she died.  Ethan took her off of life support. This devastated Luis.  He kept praying that she would come back to him. He eventually got his Christmas miracle when she was alive. They got back together.

They were also torn apart in past lives. Tabitha told the story about Marc Anthony and Cleopatra who turned out to be Luis and Sheridan. Needless to say, they were separated because they died.  

They were torn apart again when they were on the Titanic. This was in another past life. Tabitha told Timmy the story of when they were on the Titanic together. They were separated when the boat sank and he died. 

The other time they were separated was when they were supposed to get married. On the day that Luis and Sheridan were to marry, the wedding was interrupted by Ivy. They decided to go on their honeymoon and get married later. When Luis and Sheridan went to Bermuda, Sheridan died when the boat exploded. He didn't believe that she was dead, and he wanted to keep looking for her. After a long search, he finally stopped looking for her. A body was found and it was believed to be Sheridan's. He didn't believe it was her until he found out that her dental records proved the body was hers.

From Sheridan:  When Sheridan was declared dead, Luis got a present from Sheridan. He got a letter from her saying that if she ever died, she wanted him to move on with his life. She also sent him a photo album with their pictures in it. This is what made him decide to move on with his life.

Engagements (all):  He was engaged to Beth and Sheridan twice.

Near misses (all):  When Luis was looking for Sheridan, he sent a missing person fax to Bermuda. It had Sheridan's picture on it. When the police officer was about to send the fax to St. Lisa's, Luis told him to stop the fax. Luis got a rose that he thought was from Sheridan, which is why he thought she was alive. Beth told him that she gave it to him, and he was disappointed. He called off the search and told the police to cancel the fax.  

When Sheridan was declared dead, Luis was determined to keep looking for her. He went back to Bermuda to see what he could find. He kept missing her.  One minute he thought he saw her and the next she was gone. He found clues that led him to believe that she was alive. He found her scarf and it had her perfume on it. (He was staying at the same hotel that Sheridan was in and they never saw each other face-to-face).

When Sheridan came back to Harmony with Antonio, the first time, they had another near miss on the wharf.  

He went back to St. Lisa's, where Sheridan was staying, to bring back Beth's boat. This time, he ran into his brother Antonio. Little did Luis know, Antonio was with Sheridan. Luis and Sheridan continued to have near misses. One of the biggest occurred when they were dancing with each other at a costume party.  Luis felt a connection with her while they were dancing.

Then he has missed her again. Sheridan had been kidnapped by Beth and Charlie. She was in Beth's basement. During a house-to-house search, he was in Beth's house several times and he has missed her each time. She was in a pit in the basement which Luis was standing right over her and didn't see. She's also been in Beth's living room with him and he didn't see her.

Bermuda Triangle:  During the Bermuda Triangle, Luis and Sheridan were together again, or so they thought. It turned out to be an illusion.

Reuniting with Sheridan: When Sheridan came back to Harmony with Antonio, Luis reunited with Sheridan. They made love in Sheridan's cottage. They also made love in the pool. Luis also asked Sheridan to marry him again. He gave her the ring that he had given her before. He told her that he found it when she was declared dead. Antonio saw it and Luis said that Pilar wanted him to have it.

Secrets (all):  Luis knew that Antonio was alive, but he didn't let anyone know right away.

The biggest secret he's keeping is that he is in love with Sheridan and he was with her first. He didn't want to tell Antonio the truth at first because Antonio was dying and the shock could have killed him: Antonio was hurt in a car accident which left him with a fatal injury. When he couldn't stand being apart from Sheridan any longer, Luis decided to tell him the truth. However, Sheridan didn't want to tell him at that time so he kept it a secret. When Antonio was cured, he wanted to tell him the truth, but Sheridan still insisted on waiting. They had to continue with the charade and leave Antonio in the dark. Sheridan stayed with Antonio and Luis stayed with Beth.

Marrying Beth:  Luis proposed to Beth for the second time when Sheridan was declared dead. Antonio thought that Luis and Beth were still engaged and suggested a double wedding. Luis didn't want to go through with the double wedding because he wanted to be with Sheridan. When it looked as if she was never going to tell Antonio the truth, he accepted Beth's proposal and agreed to the double wedding.

Eloping:  When Sheridan couldn't stand being away from Luis, she went to him.  After they had made love, she suggested they elope; that way it would be too late for anyone to say anything. Luis was hesitant at first because he didn't want to hurt Beth or Antonio. He later agreed to get married. They were supposed to meet at the courthouse on the day of the double wedding. If the other didn't show, it would mean that they wanted to go through with the double wedding. Luis never made it to the courthouse because he was drugged. When he woke up, he realized that it was too late to meet Sheridan, so by the time he got to the courthouse she was not there. However, he thought that she never showed and he decided to marry Beth.

Double wedding (both):  Luis and Sheridan have participated in two double weddings. The first one was with Ethan and Theresa.  

The second time, they were marrying different people. Luis was marrying Beth and Sheridan was marrying Antonio. Luis was all set to marry Beth when the wedding was interrupted. Beth's mother had a heart attack and the wedding was temporarily stalled. Mrs. Wallace was rushed to the hospital. While Luis was at the hospital, Hank and Eve persuaded him to go after Sheridan. Antonio and Sheridan had continued with the ceremony without Luis and Beth. When he got back to the church, Julian prevented him from entering the church right away. When he got inside, he thought that he could stop the wedding, but he was too late. They were already married.

Honeymoon:  Luis decided to take Beth to the Inn that he was going to take her to on their honeymoon. He planned on breaking up with her there. Little did he know, Sheridan and Antonio were there too. When he ran into Sheridan in the hall, they cleared things up between them. They told each other how they wanted to get married.

When they were ready to tell Antonio the truth, they found him on the floor.  They rushed him to the hospital where he slipped into a coma. This was another thing keeping them apart. Sheridan didn't want them to be blamed for Antonio's death.

Antonio was given an experimental drug that could cure him. He was still in a coma. Luis thought that his chances of being with Sheridan were slipping away.

Confession:  Luis confessed to Antonio while he was still in a coma that he was in love with Sheridan. He told him how they were keeping their relationship a secret from him. He also told him that if he couldn't be the way he was before the accident, he should let himself go and free Sheridan.

Celebration:  When Antonio came out of the coma, Luis and Sheridan wanted to celebrate. They went to Sheridan's cottage to talk about telling Antonio the truth. While they were there, the cottage caught fire. They didn't know that Beth set the cottage on fire. They were eventually rescued.

Fatherhood:  While Sheridan was getting examined for smoke inhalation, Luis found out she was pregnant. He is sure that the baby is his but it could be Antonio’s.

He was hit with another bombshell. Luis found out that Beth was pregnant too.  He wants to do the right thing with Beth but he doesn't want it to get in the way of him being with Sheridan. Beth is considering having an abortion because she can't afford to raise the baby herself. She suggested that they get married.  He also has to forget about Sheridan. What he didn't know was that Beth was faking her pregnancy.

Lied to:  He does not know that Beth has been lying to him. He doesn't know that she is the one that kept him from marrying Sheridan.

He also doesn't know that Beth will do anything to keep Luis from being with Sheridan. He is under the impression that Beth is supportive of their relationship.

Mrs. Wallace has been telling him that Beth is trying to kill Sheridan but he doesn't believe her. Beth made up a story about Mrs. Wallace and he believed that instead.

Monkey love:  Now Luis is the object of Precious's affection. The trouble is, Precious is an orangutan. Now he has to fight off her advances. What's a man to do?

Connection:  Luis and Sheridan have a connection to each other. When she was kidnapped, he sensed that something bad had happened to her. He was the only one that believed she was kidnapped. Everyone else thought that she left for Paris. Luis was sent an email, a DVD, a taped message, and his grandmother's ring and he still believes something is wrong. 

Martin's born: Beth made Luis think that Martin was her baby. He wasn't there when Martin was born so he took her word for it. Sheridan has told him numerous times that Martin is their child, but he doesn't believe it. 

Rescued Sheridan: When Sheridan was left for dead in the water, Luis saved her.  

He also rescued her from the psychiatric ward but she had to go back there because of Antonio.

Briefly reunited: After Luis rescued Sheridan, they made love. After that, she had to go back to the psychiatric ward. While she was there, Luis snuck in and they made love again. Little did they know, Alistair was watching them. Though he was barred from the ward, he didn't listen.

When Sheridan was released from the psychiatric ward, Luis had his heart broken: Sheridan chose to be with Antonio instead of him. Luis was positive that she would have picked him, but he was wrong. He's convinced that something happened to Sheridan in the ward to make her forget her love for him. 

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