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Passions Character Descriptions

Kay Bennett
Played by Heidi Mueller

Character traits:  Used to be evil but has turned over a new leaf.

Age:  Early 20s.

Marital Status:  Single.

Relatives:  Sam, Grace, Jessica, Noah, Ethan, Gwen, Maria, and Jane

Profession:  Works at the Crane Cannery.

Friends in Harmony:  Simone.

First love:  She has been in love with Miguel since she was a little girl. She never got the chance to tell Miguel how she felt about him, at first, because he met and fell in love with Charity. When she couldn't get Miguel to love her, she schemed to get him to fall in love with her.

Second best:  When Charity came to Harmony and it was revealed that she was Kay's cousin, she felt that Grace didn't care about her. That caused problems between her and Grace and, over the years, they fought constantly because Kay thought that Grace put Charity's needs before hers.

Schemes to get Miguel:  Kay has carried out several schemes to get Miguel, most of them against Charity. When Charity was in an accident, Kay used subliminal messages to get her to break up Miguel. When that didn't work, she made a deal with Hecuba (a witch) to get Miguel but Hecuba made her do her evil bidding for her. When Kay didn't want to listen to Hecuba anymore, Hecuba caused mayhem in the Bennett house, and Kay, Charity, and Miguel were all stuck in a portal in Charity's closet. Yes, you read that right. They had to fight demons in order to get out of the portal, and when they got out, there was blood dripping down the walls of the house. Hecuba pretty much possessed the house until Father Lonigan came and saved them.

Kay found a spell book in Tabitha's closet and found a spell to put on Charity.  The spell froze Charity and created a ‘Zombie’ Charity. Zombie Charity ended up turning against Kay and tried to kill Miguel. Kay tried different things to stop her but they didn't work, so she decided to burn down the Lopez-Fitzgerald house when she saw Zombie Charity and Miguel together.

Having Charity's essence was the perfect way to get her original plan to work.  With the essence, Kay was able to force Miguel to sleep with her. She didn't care that he thought she was Charity; she got what she wanted.

She made a deal with Tabitha in order to get Miguel. She was supposed to keep Tabitha's true identity a secret in exchange for Tabitha helping her get Miguel.  Kay kept her word but she still didn't get Miguel.

Baby:  On Miguel and Charity's wedding day, Kay found out that she was pregnant. She thought that she would finally win Miguel because she was carrying his child. Needless to say, no one believed that Miguel had slept with her, but she finally convinced everyone that it was true. She figured that he would marry her since she was pregnant but he didn’t.

While she was pregnant, she was having problems with Grace. Grace thought that Kay was up to something because Miguel had slept with her. Kay didn't take that lying down. They fought continuously and Kay even slapped Grace a couple of times. Kay decided to move out of the house because she couldn't deal with Grace. When she left, she wound up getting hurt, but she managed to take herself to Tabitha's house. That's when she discovered that Tabitha is a witch.  She blackmailed Tabitha in order to keep her secret and she wanted Tabitha to let her live with her. Tabitha gave in.

When her baby was born, she became ill and had to go to NICU for a few days.  She vowed to be good and give up Miguel if Maria survived. Maria did survive after a few rough spots. 

Once Maria was better, Kay used her to get Miguel. She thought that Miguel would pay more attention to her because of the baby. However, it didn't work because Miguel still loved Charity.

When Miguel was blackballed from working in Harmony, Kay got a job at the Crane Cannery to support Miguel and Maria. That still didn't get her Miguel.  

Ivy's secret:  When Kay was outside, she overheard Ivy and David talking about their scheme to break up Sam and Grace. She told everyone about Ivy's scheme but they didn't believe her when she mentioned that Tabitha was a witch. In case you're wondering why Kay told them, she was allegedly supposed to do good things at that point. She decided to keep Ivy's secret when she heard Grace badmouthing her to Sam.

Injured:  When Tabitha used Kay to kill Charity, Kay was turned into a dog and attacked Miguel and Charity. When Miguel tried to save Charity, he shot a metal rod through the dog. He didn't know it was Kay. The wound prevented her from having any more children. She thought that her life was over because no man would want her, and, to make matters worse, Miguel decided to leave town when Charity left.  

Turned a new leaf:  Kay decided to become more responsible. She has even tried to help Jessica with her problems with hurting herself. She has also stopped scheming for now.

Proofread by Laura on 7/5/11

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