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Passions Character Descriptions

Gwen Hotchkiss
Played by Liza Huber and Natalie Zea

Character traits:  Loyal friend to Sheridan, independent, and can also be a schemer.

Age:  20s

Marital Status:  Married to Ethan

Relatives:  Rebecca (mother), John Hotchkiss (father), Maria (niece), and a son or daughter. 

Profession: Stay-at-home wife; former executive at her father's company.

Friends in Harmony:  Sheridan, Luis, and Antonio.

Hates:  Theresa.

Relationship with Ethan:  She has been in love with Ethan since they were children. (They were childhood sweethearts). Their families wanted them to be together because it would be good for their businesses if they got married. They wanted to marry each other for love.

Meeting Theresa:  When Theresa entered their lives, Gwen knew it would be trouble. She believed that Theresa was in love with Ethan. Theresa denied it but Gwen didn't believe her at first. Then Theresa claimed she had a boyfriend named Chuck. At first, Gwen didn't believe that Theresa was telling the truth about him. Theresa said that he was rich but Gwen didn't believe her because she had never met him before: since she is rich too, she would have seen him around the country club. When Gwen saw Chuck, she finally believed her.

Engagement:  Ethan asked Gwen to marry him. She said no. She was not secure in their relationship. She also didn't believe that he wanted to marry her for love. He tried to convince her that he did and she finally accepted his proposal. 

The wedding planner:  When Gwen was certain that Theresa wasn't trying to steal Ethan away from her, she befriended her. She even asked her to plan her wedding. Theresa didn't want to do it at first but she eventually agreed.

Gwen asked Theresa to be her maid of honor: her other maid of honor got sick and she asked Theresa to fill in for her.

Trouble in paradise:  A sign that her relationship with Ethan was in trouble showed during her bridal shower: one of the gifts that she received broke. It was tradition that the present wasn't supposed to break but it did. Another sign was when she got the shortest ribbon. This, also, wasn't supposed to happen.  The longer ribbon was for a long healthy marriage and the shorter one meant that your marriage would be troubled.

How she lost Ethan:  She left Ethan alone with Theresa a lot. She had to keep going away on business and that allowed Theresa to get closer to Ethan. On one occasion that she had to go away, she asked Theresa to go to Bermuda with Ethan. Gwen and Ethan were supposed to go to Bermuda to see if that was the place for their honeymoon. Ethan didn't want to go with Theresa but Gwen insisted. He and Theresa got closer whilst there.

Gwen asked Ethan to take Theresa to her senior prom. Once again, he didn't want to do this, but Gwen insisted. It was at the prom that Theresa admitted her feelings for Ethan.

Ethan finally realized that he loved Theresa as well as Gwen. Gwen made him decide who he wanted to be with. He eventually chose Theresa and Gwen lost Ethan.

Batty:  When Ethan chose Theresa, Gwen went crazy. She wanted to kill Theresa because she blamed her for why she lost Ethan. She took a baseball bat over to Theresa's house and she destroyed the house. When she went to Theresa's room, she locked Pilar in the closet and went after Theresa. Ethan stopped her from killing Theresa. Gwen saw the pictures that Theresa had of Ethan and told him that Theresa had loved him for longer than she said she had.  

Getting revenge:  Gwen wanted to get revenge on Theresa. Her mother, Rebecca, came up with a plan. Theresa knew about Ethan's true paternity and Rebecca was going to expose it. Rebecca told her that when the truth came out, Theresa would dump Ethan because she was a gold digger. Gwen was against this at first but her mother convinced her that she would get Ethan back. Rebecca emailed Ethan's true paternity to a tabloid newspaper. She emailed the information from Theresa's computer. When the truth came out, Gwen realized that this only proved that Theresa loved Ethan for himself and not for his money. Rebecca came up with another plan. It was time to expose Theresa as the one who revealed Ethan's paternity to the tabloid. Gwen didn't want to wait long to expose her. She was sick of seeing Theresa and Ethan together. She finally decided to call the reporter and tell him to print the story. On the day of Ethan and Theresa's wedding, the truth came out. Ivy stopped the wedding and told everyone that Theresa was the one who had exposed Ethan's paternity.

Reunited:  After Ethan broke up with Theresa, Gwen got to spend more time with him. They eventually got back together. Gwen was still feeling insecure about Ethan's feelings for Theresa. He proved to her that he loved her. Gwen thought that they were going to be married, but Ethan never proposed to her.  

Pregnancy:  Gwen found out that she was pregnant. She wasn't going to tell Ethan because he didn't want to be with her. Gwen did finally tell Ethan about her baby. When he proposed to her, she turned him down. She didn't want him to marry her out of obligation. Rebecca persuaded her to accept his proposal and she did.

Married:  On the day that Gwen and Ethan were going to be married, Gwen was convinced that Theresa was up to her old tricks. When she got Ethan's employment papers, she knew that Theresa wanted her to see them. She was so upset that Ethan didn't tell her about the job, that she slapped him in the church. She refused to marry him, but Rebecca talked her into it. Theresa's plan had failed. Gwen and Ethan got married.

Insecurities:  Gwen is not convinced that Ethan is over Theresa. She doesn't like how he keeps running to help her. She's even contemplated leaving Ethan if he kept trying to fix Theresa's problems. She wants him to think of her and the baby before Theresa and her baby.  

Difficult pregnancy:  Because Gwen had been worried about Sheridan’s disappearance, she had to go to the hospital. The stress was too much for her and the baby. She was also worried that Theresa was going to go after Ethan again, thanks to Rebecca. Rebecca told her that Theresa was going to steal Ethan away from her if she lost her baby. This wasn't good for her because Eve said that she couldn't be stressed.

While Gwen was in the hospital, she had an argument with Theresa. Gwen accused Theresa of trying to steal Ethan away from her. She denied it at first but then told her that she did want him back. This only angered Gwen more and caused her more stress.

Rebecca gave Gwen an idea to remain stress free. She told her to go to California where there was a specialist who could help her keep her baby. It was also a way to get Ethan away from Theresa.

Los Angeles: While Gwen and Ethan were on their way to California, Gwen kept having a strong feeling that Theresa was on the plane with them. Little did she know, her feeling was right. She was on the plane. Gwen kept having fantasies that Theresa was going to steal Ethan away from her. 

She finally relaxed once they arrived in L.A., even though she mentioned Theresa endlessly. Once they arrived at the Crane apartment, she doubled over in pain again. Once again she was rushed to the hospital. The specialist, Dr. Abel, advised her to stay at the hospital so he could monitor her.

Gwen was ready to leave the hospital so she could spend time with Ethan at the apartment. She was unaware that Theresa was living there.

Proofread by Laura on 6/21/11

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