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Passions Character Descriptions

Ethan Winthrop
Played by Eric Martsolf.

Character traits:  Tries to do what's best for everyone.

Age:  Late 20s

Marital Status:  Married.

Relatives:  Ivy, Fox, Gwen, Jane, and the Bennetts (Sam, Noah, Kay, and Jessica).

Profession:  Attorney.

Friends in Harmony:  Chad, Whitney, and Theresa.

First love:  Gwen was his first love. They had dated each other since they were kids. Everyone thought they had the perfect relationship, and it was assumed that eventually they would marry. At first it seemed as if they were meant to have an arranged marriage but they were actually in love. Everything was perfect until he met Theresa. Though this relationship broke up a few times, they eventually got married.

Second love:  When he met Theresa, it wasn't exactly love at first sight. Their first meeting was at a fundraiser where Theresa accidentally spilled paint on him. There were similar mishaps. Not only did he find them annoying, he believed she was stalking him because of the accidental encounters. When Ivy had had enough of Ethan being stalked, she hired a detective to find the stalker. It was Theresa. At the time, Theresa was working for Ivy as her personal assistant and that's how Theresa and Ethan became friends. When he realized that she was the one who was stalking him, he was furious. Whitney had to convince him that Theresa wasn't stalking him and that everything that had happened was a misunderstanding.

To cut a long story short, Ethan and Theresa spent time together and they eventually fell in love. Ethan had a problem because he was engaged to Gwen, but he was in love with Theresa.  

True paternity: During his and Theresa’s engagement party, Ethan found out through a tabloid that he wasn't really Julian's son but Sam's. This shocked him.  He hated Sam, at the time, and didn't want to believe it, though eventually he did. Now Ethan and Sam have a good relationship.

Breakups (All):  Ethan broke up with Gwen to be with Theresa after realizing how he felt about her. The break up was on Christmas Eve and he proposed to Theresa the same night.

When Ethan found out that Theresa had lied to him many times, he broke up with her too. He eventually got back together with Gwen. (See above, First love). 

Job offer:  When Gwen and Ethan found out that they were having a baby, Ethan wanted to get a good job, but he had trouble finding a job because he was being blackballed by the Cranes. Theresa was also blackballing him as well.  Theresa offered him a job but he didn't want to take it at first. When he couldn't find anything else, he ended up working with Theresa.

California:  When Gwen wanted to go to California to see a doctor about their baby, they didn't know that Theresa was going to be there too. When Ethan found out that she was there, he kept it from Gwen because he didn't want to upset her. Meanwhile, Theresa was trying to scheme with Fox to get Ethan to realize his feelings for her. Her plan worked, and Ethan made out with her on the beach. To his surprise, Gwen saw them on television kissing: they didn't know that a camera crew was filming them the whole time. Gwen ended up losing the baby after she had a fight with Theresa.

Schemes for Theresa:  Ethan has helped Theresa out despite the way Gwen feels about her.

He tried to help her get her son back when Gwen wanted to adopt him. He paid for her lawyer since she couldn’t afford one.

He also agreed to adopt little Ethan because he wanted to give him back to Theresa.

Raped:  Theresa stole Gwen's embryos. She thought she'd be able to get her son back with this plan, though it almost backfired when she thought that she’d lost the baby. Needing a new plan, she decided to drug Ethan and get him to sleep with her. She raped him and she got pregnant.

Baby Jane:  After Theresa had the baby, Gwen went nuts. She stabbed Theresa with a scalpel and she ended up paralyzed. Gwen was arrested. Later, she snuck back into the hospital and stole the baby. Now Ethan and Theresa are looking for her.  

Torn again?  Once again Ethan finds himself in the position of being confused about which woman he loves. 

Proofread by Laura on 7/5/11

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