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Passions Character Descriptions

David  Hastings
Played by Justin Carroll

Character traits:  Mysterious, and he always feels bad when he does something wrong.

Age: 30s - 40s

Marital status: Single.

Profession:  Freelance photographer.

Relatives: John (son).

Friends in Harmony: Grace and Eve.

Hates:  Ivy

Reason for coming to Harmony:  He believed that his wife Grace was in Harmony. He saw a picture of her and he wanted to find her.  

When he arrived:  When he first saw Grace he started following her, making sure she wouldn't see him: he would hide out in the bushes and watch her.  

Jailed:  Sam arrested him because he was following Grace. He still hadn't told anyone that he was Grace's long-lost husband. When he was in the cell, he said to himself that he was Grace's husband and he was going to let her know.

Fights:  He has fought with Sam several times over Grace.

Revealed his identity:  He finally told Grace who he was. She was shocked, of course. Sam didn't believe that he was telling the truth. He was convinced that David was a conman and wanted proof that he was Grace’s husband.  

Proof he was Grace's husband: He knew things about her that he may otherwise not have known. He knew that she liked honey in her tea and that she liked to read mysteries. He knew about her sister, Faith. He knew that she liked angels. He also knew that Grace had a scar on her foot but Sam still wasn't convinced. He believed that David could have found out this information. The reverend that married David and Grace was in town. He didn't remember her at first, but he did eventually remember marrying them. David suggested that he and Grace re-enact the ceremony in the hope that she would remember. This still didn't jog Grace's memory. He suggested that they kiss each other to see if that would help her remember. She did have a flashback of getting married to a man, but she couldn't see his face. The other piece of proof that David produced was a son from their marriage. Sam wanted a paternity test done on John, and when the results proved that John was really Grace's son, he had no choice but to believe David. What Sam and Grace didn't know was that David was being blackmailed.

White fog: David and Grace kissed during the white fog. Grace told him that she thought that he was Sam when she kissed him.

Green mist: David saw himself married to Grace. He was happy when he found out that Grace had the same vision.

Blackmail: As it turned out, Ivy was blackmailing David. She told him to come to Harmony and pretend to be Grace's long-lost husband. She used him to get Sam back. He wanted to protect his son from learning about his past so he allowed her to blackmail him. He didn't want his son involved, but Ivy had him sent to Harmony anyway. He gave Ivy a hard time seeing the blackmail through because he was feeling guilty about what he was doing to Grace and John. It helped that he started to fall in love with Grace, too. He was ready to expose what Ivy was doing to Sam and Grace, but she talked him out of it.  

He found out that Eve was also being blackmailed by Ivy when she had to lie about John's paternity test. Since they were in the same boat, Eve and David had a bond. She confided in him about her past and Liz. He advised her to tell the truth, but she thought that her husband wouldn't understand. He assured her that he would always be there to listen to her problems.

Mysterious past: David has a mysterious past that is still to be revealed. Ivy uses that past to get him to do what she wants.  

Almost caught: David and Ivy were talking in the park about their plan. Kay overheard what they were saying. Months later she revealed that David was working with Ivy to break up her parents’ marriage. She also said that David wasn't really Grace's husband and John wasn't really her son. When it looked as if they were caught, Kay changed her story. She said that she lied about the whole thing.  

Leaving Harmony:  David wanted to leave Harmony because he could no longer take what he was doing to Grace and John. He told Ivy that he wasn't going to take her blackmail anymore and he was going to leave. He knew that Grace would never love him anyway, so he didn't have to try to make her love him. Ivy convinced him that he could still have a chance with Grace because Sam and Grace were having problems. Recently, John told him that Grace still had feelings for him. That gave him the idea that he could take Grace away with him to rekindle their romance. He asked her if she wanted to go and she said yes. She thought that this would help her repair her marriage with Sam. 

He took her to where they honeymooned when they got married. He continued to lie to her about his past and was almost caught out, but he paid a violinist to keep his secret. He lied about a painting that he said he had bought for her, but the waiter said that the painting was new. However, he managed to lie his way out of that situation.

Drug addict?  While David and Grace were in their room at the hotel, they were talking about John and Grace's feelings about drugs. She hates them. He started to sweat and left to go to the bathroom. Grace walked in on him, and finding him laying on the floor with a needle in his arm, she assumed that he was on drugs. He kept trying to tell her the truth but she wouldn't let him. He finally managed to tell her that he had contracted a disease while he was on a photo shoot.

Grace thought that he was on the verge of dying, so she decided to try and help him. She thought that if he was warm enough, his fever would go down.  When that didn't work, she gave him body warmth: she took off her clothes and got into bed with him. Naturally, they were busted by Sam who was trying to get her to come home with him. He was so upset that he left without her. David was unconscious while Sam and Grace were arguing, so he couldn't clear up the misunderstanding. When he regained consciousness, he wanted to take Grace home to straighten things out.

Return to Harmony:  David took Grace back to Harmony so she could work things out with Sam. To this day, David still continues to lie to her. 

Proofread by Laura on 8/9/11

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