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Passions Character Descriptions

Antonio Lopez-Fitzgerald
Played by Christopher Douglas

Character traits:  Protective of his wife, concerned for his family, and naïve.

Age:  20s - 30s 

Marital Status:  Husband to Sheridan Crane.

Relatives:  All the Lopez-Fitzgeralds –  mother, Pilar; brothers Luis and Miguel; sisters Theresa and Paloma; nephews little Ethan and Martin; and niece Maria.

The Cranes (in-laws). 

Profession: Former race car driver, fisherman.

Friends in Harmony:  Liz, Beth, Hank, and Gwen.

Hates:  Julian.

Mysterious past: He left home when he was a teenager.  He left town shortly after his father left. It was hinted at that Julian was responsible for him leaving Harmony.

He used to go by the name of Brian O'Leary though it was never revealed why.

During his time away from Harmony, he was a race car driver and also a fisherman.

He had a past with a man named Nick. Nick found him when he was in St. Lisa's. He reminded him that he used to work for him. It was then revealed that Nick was conning people and that Antonio didn't want any part of it.

It was also mentioned that he was a ladies man.

Past relationship:  He revealed to Sheridan that he had a relationship with Liz. She had nursed him back to health when he was in his first race car accident, and they fell in love. They broke up because she couldn't open up to him.

Meeting Sheridan:  While he was a fisherman, he saw Sheridan in trouble in the water and saved her from drowning. He instantly fell in love with her, even though she was in a coma. He took her to St. Lisa's where he was staying and stayed by her side until she woke up. He introduced himself as Brian O'Leary. When she woke up from her coma, he wanted to help her figure out who she was. She had amnesia and she was going by the name of Diana.

Falling in love:  Brian fell in love with Diana, but she did not feel the same way: she was still mourning the loss of her dead lover. Antonio was trying to get her to leave behind her feelings for her ex lover, and, eventually Diana moved on and fell in love with him.  They acknowledged their union when they made love.

Heroic acts:  He saved Diana when she almost drowned after sleepwalking into the water.

When he was teaching Diana how to be a waitress, the oven exploded. He saved her just in the nick of time.

Confession: Brian revealed to Diana that he had a family in Harmony. He told her how he left them but not why he left. She talked him into going back home. 

Return home (first time):  Liz got Brian a job that allowed him to go back to Harmony:  he had to return a boat to Harmony. Liz thought that he would take her with him, but she got fooled as he decided to take Diana. When they arrived in Harmony, it was Christmas time.

While he was in Harmony, he ran into Luis. He saw him on the Crane grounds. At first they didn't recognize each other. It was then revealed that Antonio was Luis's older brother. He told Luis that he wanted to see their mother, but Luis told him that he couldn't see her if it was gong to hurt her. After talking with Luis he walked away.

He also ran into Julian, and there was an argument about why he left Harmony. Julian reminded him that he was not supposed to be back in Harmony and threatened to expose Antonio if he didn't leave town. Antonio didn't like this and threatened him.

Suspect: Since he threatened Julian, it was possible that he could have shot him; after all, he did have a gun on him that night. However, he was never questioned because no-one except Luis knew he was home. Luis remembered that he was in Harmony, but he never brought him in for questioning.

Fight during first visit to Harmony: When he went to see Pilar, Ethan and Theresa thought he was an intruder, and Ethan fought him because he thought he was trying to attack Pilar.

Return to St. Lisa's:  Antonio and Diana went back to St. Lisa's.

Past lives:  Brian and Diana discovered that they had a past life together. They found out they were on the Titanic, that they were married and had four children, one of whom was still alive. They went to find the child only to discover that he, too, had died.

Getting engaged:  Brian finally popped the question: he asked Diana to marry him. Of course, she said yes. He did this just before he raced the car to repay Diana's death.

Accident:  When Diana had a gambling debt with Nick, Brian risked his life to pay her debt: he decided to race cars again. Little did he know Nick had sabotaged the car so it would explode with Brian inside. Brian was badly hurt when the car exploded and was rushed to the hospital where he lay unconscious for a while. When he eventually woke up, the doctor told him that his condition was serious and that he was dying. Brian didn't want Diana to know. He told her that they were going back to Harmony, that he was intent on taking her there. The doctor didn't want him to leave because it was too soon but Brian insisted, so the doctor told him to get checked as soon as he got to Harmony.

Second return to Harmony:  Brian and Diana returned to Harmony for the second time. On his return, he reverted back to the name of Antonio. Not too long after coming back to Harmony, he saw his mother again, and she told him what was going on in the family. When she told him about the house burning down and Theresa’s marriage to Julian, he was angry.

Fight during second visit to Harmony: After Pilar told him about Theresa, he went after Julian. He beat him up.

When he looked for Diana, he found Sheridan's cottage and found Luis there. When they saw each other, they fought.

Illness:  Luis, Sheridan, and Pilar found Antonio lying on the ground. They rushed him to the hospital where it was revealed that he was dying from severe brain damage caused by the accident during his last car race. He was told any shock could kill him instantly. He was also told that he would go blind, that this would be the final stage of his illness. He also found out that he was really engaged to Sheridan Crane.

Kept in the dark:  He was unaware that Sheridan's dead lover was his brother Luis. He was kept in the dark about their relationship because the shock could kill him, though he did know that they were keeping something from him. Luis and Sheridan did tell him about their relationship but he was in the coma at the time. It's not known whether or not he heard them.

Getting the wrong idea:  Antonio has often caught Sheridan and Luis together in compromising situations. He caught them in each others arms. He's seen them alone together. He also caught them talking behind his back. Even after all this, he still didn't figure out the truth about them.

Blindness:  The first time he lost his sight was when Sheridan and Luis were kissing on her couch. He eventually got his sight back.

The second time Antonio lost his sight was when he was about to look at Sheridan and Luis' scrapbook. Just before he saw the book, he went blind. He was told that this was the final stage of his illness. Eve said that he could die any day. She also told Sheridan that she had to make sure that he took his medication regularly or he could die sooner.

The "out":  When he found out that he was going to die, he decided to give Sheridan an "out". He told her she could break up with him because he didn't want to be a burden on her. Naturally, after much hesitation, she refused to take the "out".  She eventually agreed to marry him.

Planned to elope:  Antonio let Beth talk him into eloping with Sheridan instead of going through with the wedding. When they were about to get married, Luis stopped them.

Double wedding: Antonio decided that he wanted a double wedding with Luis and Beth.  On the day of the wedding, Mrs. Wallace had a heart attack and this event temporarily stopped the wedding. Antonio was anxious to get married and he didn't want to wait any longer. They carried on but just as they were married, Luis walked into the church to try to stop the wedding. He didn't know that he was too late.

Honeymoon:  Antonio took Sheridan to an inn that his father had taken his mother to.  Little did they know Luis and Beth were going there, too. Furthermore, the couples were in adjoining rooms.

While Sheridan was in the hall talking to Luis, Antonio fell into a coma. Before Antonio and Sheridan got married, Eve told Sheridan to make sure he got his medicine since the blindness signaled the final stages of his illness. While she was talking to Luis, she forgot to give it to him. Antonio tried to take the medicine himself but he wound up passing out. When Sheridan found him, he was unconscious. When she told Luis what had happened, Antonio was rushed to the hospital.

Hospitalized:  At the hospital, he again fell into a coma. At this point, he died. The doctors were able to revive him, but he was still in a coma, and Eve told the family that he would not survive the night.

The cure:  Eve told the family that she had found an experimental drug that might have cured him. There was also a chance that it might not have worked and it could have left him in a vegetative state. Since he knew about the drug, he had left a video tape telling them what to do. As he didn't want Sheridan to feel obligated to him, he didn't want her to give him the drug, knowing the risk, and he didn't want to live if he knew he couldn't be with her. The bottom line was, the decision was up to him, but after much thought, Sheridan gave him the drug.

While Antonio was still in the coma, Luis and Sheridan confessed that they were in love.  It is unknown whether or not he heard them talking.

The cure eventually worked and Antonio came out of the coma. He also had his sight back.

Fatherhood:  Just as Sheridan and Luis were about to tell Antonio the truth, she found out she was pregnant. Antonio didn't know that he may not be the father. He soon became attached to the baby.

Everyone found out that Beth was "pregnant", and Antonio wanted Luis and Beth to get married. He was even willing to help plan the wedding and said Sheridan would help.

Sheridan's disappearance: Sheridan was kidnapped by Beth and Charlie but Antonio was under the impression that she left of her own volition. He kept trying to convince Luis that Sheridan had not been kidnapped. 

Presumed dead:  When he thought Sheridan and his family chose Luis over him, he wanted to leave town. He then kidnapped Sheridan and put her on the Crane jet but he had a change of heart and let her go. Just as she got off the jet, it exploded with him allegedly on it.

Proofread by Laura on 8/9/11

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