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Passions Character Descriptions

Alistair Crane
Played by John Reilly
Written by Jessica

True love: Rachel, Alistair’s wife Katherine’s sister.

Children with Katherine: Julian Crane and Sheridan Crane.

Other children: Beth Wallace.

Grandchildren (Julian): Fox, Fancy, Little Ethan, Endora, other daughter, Chad.

Grandchild (Sheridan): Marty.

Great grandchild: Miles.

Wife: Katherine Crane.

Age: Probably around late 60s to mid 70s, at least.

Marital status: Currently married to Katherine Crane although she was believed to be dead. Of course, sacred vows mean nothing to him, and he still likes to enjoy the company of his secretaries and other female employees at Crane Industries.

Friends: His money is his best friend

Hates: Sheridan...his own daughter. Why? Because she killed his true love. He has been trying to kill her ever since, or at least depriving her of being happy with Luis or anyone else.

Schemes of the ‘devil’: Alistair has tried to kill Sheridan so many times that it’s not possible to list them all here, though here are a few of them to give new fans an idea of just how evil this guy is. There was, of course, the time when he had her on the cruise ship and it caught fire. She didn’t die, though she did lose her memory until she saw Luis again. Then there was the time he had she and Antonio in the plane and she got off just before it exploded. Antonio was not so lucky. Alistair even tried to kill her when she was in a mental institution. He had more drugs injected into her than was recommended and it could have resulted in her death but, of course, it didn’t. So those are a few of his ‘kill Sheridan schemes.’ There were other schemes, too, such as disguising himself as Charlie and helping Beth kidnap Sheridan and taking little Marty away from her. (That was revealed later in the series).

Of course, he knew that Chad was Eve and Julian’s missing son but he didn’t tell them even when Chad became intimate with Whitney, who was actually his half-sister. The thing with Alistair is that he pretty much knows everything that goes on and sits back to watch the show, sometimes assisting.

What’s new with Al: He recently found out that Beth Wallace, a woman he was planning on spending ‘quality’ time with, is actually his daughter. He didn’t want anybody to know about it and gave her some money to keep her mouth shut. Instead of being at least a little freaked out by her relationship with Alistair before they knew they were father and daughter, Beth continues to act as though Alistair actually loves her... which is about as true as the Crane’s are poor.

Proofread by Laura on 7/26/11

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