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2002 Passions Rumors & Predictions

By Michelle & Cheryl 12/28/02

  • Sam will make Miguel marry Kay.

  • Eve will try to kill Liz.
  • Beth will keep Sheridan and Luis from eloping.
  • Miguel will keep trying to see Charity.
  • Fox will start showing an interest in Whitney.
  • Theresa will be jealous over the time that Fox spends with Whitney.
  • Theresa will see Ethan's jealousy over Fox spending time with her as a sign that he still loves her.
  • Kay will lose her baby and keep it from Miguel.

By Michelle & Cheryl 12/21/02

  • Sheridan will say Luis's name in her sleep.
  • Luis/Beth and Antonio/Sheridan will wind up at the same place for their honeymoon.
  • Kay and Ivy will work together to get what they want.
  • Theresa will use Fox to make Ethan jealous.
  • Grace will blame Kay for why she's pregnant. She won't blame Miguel.
  • Ethan will be jealous of the time that Theresa spends with Fox.

by Justin 12/21/02

  • Liz's ex-boyfriend, Jack is the one who stole Eve's baby 20 years ago.
  • Fox gets intimate with Theresa. Ethan finds them in bed and fights with his brother.
  • The pregnant women are Gwen, Kay, and Tabitha. But who's the fourth mother?
  • Julian raped Liz when she was younger and he's the man from her past that she hates.

By Michelle & Cheryl 12/14/02

  • Antonio will get his sight back at the wedding.
  • Antonio won't let Sheridan know that he got his sight back.
  • Luis will attempt to stop Antonio and Sheridan from getting married.
  • The tabloid reporter will tell Ethan who sent them the letter.
  • Eve will catch TC and Liz in another compromising position.
  • Charity will have another premonition about Miguel and Kay on her wedding day.
  • Whitney will be jealous of the time that Chad and Simone spend together.
  • Whitney will walk in on Simone asking Chad to make love to her.
  • Simone will assume that the Christmas gift that he got for Whitney is for her.

By Michelle & Cheryl 12/4/02

  • Little Ethan will get sick just before Ethan and Gwen get married.
  • Antonio will come closer to finding out the truth at his wedding to Sheridan.
  • It will be revealed that Liz was raped by her father.
  • Gwen will catch Ethan kissing Theresa.
  • Connie or Hecuba will find a way to cure Antonio's illness.
  • Antonio will ask Sheridan to make love to him one last time before he dies.
  • Bruce will come to Harmony and tell Theresa that she never slept with Julian.

By Michelle & Cheryl 11/25/02

  • Whitney will lose the tennis match.
  • Whitney will dump Chad because of losing the match.
  • After Ethan marries Gwen, he will have an affair with Theresa.
  • T.C. will finally catch Liz and Eve talking about their past.
  • Grace will probably sleep with David when Sam moves out.
  • Antonio will use his "blindness" as a way to keep Sheridan and Luis apart.

By Nicholas 11/19/02

  • Liz and Antonio will get together when he finds out about Sheridan and Luis' affair.
  • Liz and Eve will develop a bond, and Liz won't expose the truth about Eve's past to T.C.
  • Someone will die In January at a Crane party.
  • Sam and Ivy will reunite, but only for a little while. It will be revealed that Ivy and David were married 20 or so years ago.
  • John is really Eve and Julian's son.
  • Gwen and Ethan will get married because of the baby, but Ethan will be thinking about Theresa every minute of their marriage.
  • Ivy will be the one to expose Eve's past.
  • Miguel will give in to Kay.

By Michelle & Cheryl 11/17/02

  • Eve will try to kill Liz to keep her secret from coming out.
  • Eve will turn to Julian to help her get rid of Liz. This will draw them closer to each other.
  • Gwen and Theresa will fight and it will cause Gwen to lose her baby.
  • Theresa will decide to remain a Crane when he chooses Gwen.
  • Simone will catch Chad and Whitney together again.
  • Charity will find out about Miguel and Kay on their wedding day.
  • Antonio's dying wish will be to have a baby with Sheridan.

By Michelle & Cheryl 11/7/02

  • Sam will find David and Grace together again.
  • Ivy will get David to drug Grace so they can be together.
  • Now that Theresa is going to "let" Ethan marry Gwen, he will realize that he wants her back.
  • Tabitha is going to lose her powers again.
  • Miguel and Kay will kiss again.
  • Kay will come up with another plan to break up Charity and Miguel.
  • Theresa will ask Alistair to get Gwen out of the picture so she can be with Ethan.

By Nicholas 11/9/02

  • Tabitha, Sheridan, Whitney, and Theresa will all become pregnant.
  • Antionio will find out the truth and fight to keep Sheridan.
  • Gwen will fake a pregnancy to keep Ethan.
  • There will be a Crane party and someone will die there.
  • Fox and Theresa will become a couple and Ethan will want her back.
  • Ivy, Rebecca, and Gwen will be exposed at a party.
  • Ivy will try her best to destroy Sam and Grace's marriage, but her attempts won't work.
  • Grace will curse Ivy and David when she finds out the truth.
  • Sam will kill David...

By Jennifer 11/5/02

  • Antonio will die.
  • Charity will see Miguel and Kay kissing.
  • Ethan will choose Theresa.
  • Simone will become evil like Kay.
  • Whitney will get pregnant.
  • Sheridan will have a hard time going back to Luis after Antonio dies
  • Beth will mess things up again for Sheridan and Luis
  • David will seduce Grace.
  • After Ethan dumps Gwen, she will go on a rampage and attack Theresa.
  • Gwen will hurt Theresa's baby.
  • Liz will turn out to be Eve's sister.
  • Liz will seduce T.C.
  • Eve will see Liz and T.C. together and go to Julian

By Michelle & Cheryl 11/3/02

  • Whitney will catch Simone trying to have sex with Chad.
  • Julian will continue to go after Eve.
  • Ivy will come up with another plan to get Sam.
  • Someone will "die" in Harmony.
  • Sheridan, Gwen, Whitney, Beth, and or Tabitha will start feeling sick soon.
  • Eve will catch Liz kissing TC.
  • Antonio will catch Luis and Sheridan kissing.
  • Gwen will fake being pregnant so she can keep Ethan.

By Michelle & Cheryl 10/12/02

  • Beth will be the reason why Sheridan will be pregnant by Luis.
  • Antonio/Beth will team up to break up Sheridan and Luis.
  • Liz will be linked to the Russells.
  • If Sheridan is pregnant, she'll think it's Antonio's baby.
  • Beth will put something in Luis' drink/food to get him to sleep with her.
  • Beth will be pregnant and Sheridan will break up with Luis for good.

By Michelle & Cheryl 9/18/02

  • Antonio faked his blindness to keep Shuis apart.
  • Ivy and Theresa will team up to get the men they want.
  • Antonio will use his illness to keep Luis away from Sheridan.
  • Hecuba will convince Kay to join the darkside again.
  • Someone at Theresa's party will blurt out how Luis is engaged to Sheridan.
  • Beth will turn out to be a Crane.
  • Simone will probably get amnesia and forget that Chad and Whitney are together.

By Jennifer 9/17/02

  • Liz is Chad's mother.
  • Sheridan will tell Luis that she wants to be with Antonio.
  • Luis will propose to Sheridan again to stop her from sleeping with Antonio.
  • Tabitha will find out that she is pregnant.
  • Sheridan will reject Luis' proposal.
  • Luis will become vernerable and sleep with Beth to get back at Sheridan.
  • Beth will get pregnant and trap Luis.
  • Sheridan will sleep with Antonio and become pregnant.

By Nick 9/7/02

  • Eve's past will come out (December or October)
  • Eve and Julian will rekindle their Love (September)
  • Sheridan and Luis will be torn apart once again (September, October, November).
  • Tabitha will get a new sidekick and become pregnant (September).
  • Sheridan will marry Antonio; he won't die after all, and she will end up having to stay with him (October)
  • Paloma and Martin will come back to town (January)
  • Grace and Sam will fight Ivy and David when the truth finally comes out about David and Ivy (December)
  • Kay will bring evil back into Harmony (September & October)
  • David will Be killed at the Crane Party (January)

By Jennifer 8/28/02

  • The babies mother's will be...Tabitha, Sheridan, Kay, and Gwen.
  • Sheridan will find out that she is pregnant and think that it is Antonio's child. She will tell Luis and go back to Antonio. Later I think she will find out that Luis is the father.
  • Gwen got pregnant on purpose, to keep Ethan.
  • Ethan will propose to Gwen.
  • Antonio will die and tell Luis to take care of Sheridan.

By Michelle & Cheryl 8/27/02

  • Kay will tell Grace about being with Miguel.
  • Theresa will come up with another scheme to get Ethan.
  • David will try to kiss Grace.
  • Kay will make it look as if Miguel wants to be in the shower with her when Grace sees them.
  • Whitney will lie about being with Chad.
  • Eve will probably find Whitney's pregnancy test and assume it's Simone's.  Maybe that is how Chadney will be exposed.
  • John will probably see David and Grace kissing and think they are back together.
  • Theresa will blackmail Ivy to get Ethan.

By Nick 8/24/02

  • Hecuba will return and she'll team up with Zombie Charity.
  • Zombie charity will become good.
  • Sheridan and Luis will be torn apart again.
  • Tabitha will try killing Julian and end up pregnant by him.
  • Faith will return from the dead.
  • Grace will remember she didn't marry David after all.
  • Someone will die at the Crane party.
  • Julian and Ivy will reunite.

By Jennifer 8/19/02

  • Mrs. Wallace will tell Antonio about Luis and Sheridan. He will head over to Sheridan's cottage and catch Luis and Sheridan in bed together.
  • Beth will tell Sheridan about her and Luis. Sheridan will lash out at him but they will make up.
  • Hecuba will come back to town and shake things up.
  • Zombie will lecture Tabitha about the love triangles.

By Glynis 8/19/02

  • Simone has been bugging Kay about the way that she has been hurting Charity in order to get Miguel.  Kay turns the tables on Simone telling her that she knows nothing about real love as she hasn't got a guy that she really loves.  Simone tells her that Chad is her real love.   
  • When Simone is finally told that Chad loves Whitney, she starts to understand more what Kay was talking about and she becomes willing to do some underhanded things to get Chad all for herself.

By Glynis 8/16/02

  • Sheridan becomes pregnant and doesn't know if Luis or Antonio is the father...

By Jennifer & Amanda 8/13/02

  • Tabitha is going to go soft and start to love Charity because she has Timmy's heart.
  • Sheridan is going to choose to be with Brian. She will tell him that she wants to start a family and Luis will over hear that and shoot Brian.
  • Beth will go to drastic measures to get Luis back. She might even fake a pregnancy.
  • Baby Ethan will turn out to really be Ethan's child. Considering that birth control takes about 1 month to actually start working and Theresa had just started taking it
  • Kay is going to lose her soul again and this time stay evil.
  • Brian will die and Sheridan will eventually go back to Luis. Of course, this won't make Beth happy.
  • Mrs. Wallace and Sheridan will team up and do something terrible to Beth.

By Michelle & Cheryl 8/13/02

  • Brian will blame himself for what happened to Theresa.
  • Sheridan will feel guilty about what's happened to Brian and will stay with him.
  • Martin will probably come back to Harmony soon.
  • Beth will tell Sheridan about being engaged to Luis before Luis tells Sheridan.
  • Luis will give Sheridan up because of Brian's illness.
  • Kay will see Chad and Whitney together and she will be the one who tells Simone about them.

By Jess 8/12/02

  • When Sheridan makes her choice next week, she'll choose...neither because she doesn't want to come between the brothers (of course, eventually she'll end up with Luis).
  • Theresa is too dumb to realize Ethan doesn't want her, but he'll tell her later in the week (or maybe she's too smart to fall for his lies...).
  • Charity won't die (duh) but probably will come close a couple more times.
  • Either Kay or Sheridan will be pregnant (both would cause problems as Kay would have a hold over Miguel, which may lead to a heart failure for Charity, and Sheridan wouldn't know who's baby it is) I think this'll happen because in an interview J.E.R said in the next few months we'll see pregnancy and some weddings.
  • Kay finds out about John/David.
  • And of course, (though this is very unlikely) the morning might actually come!

By Jennifer 8/3/02

  • I think that when Brian finds out that Diana/Sheridan went back to Luis, he will fight over her.
  • Charity will not die.
  • I think that Timmy will supposedly die and then come back.
  • Kay will never have Miguel, he will reject her.
  • Kay will go to hell for using the vial.

By Jennifer 7/19/02

  • *I think that Luis and Beth will reach their wedding, but just before they say their I do's, Brian will show up with Sheridan.
  • Beth will do everything she can to keep Luis away from Sheridan. I think that she will even try to kill Sheridan herself.
  • Theresa isn't really dead. Eve changed the medication that was injected into Theresa. She used the same stuff that was used on Sheridan when they tried to make it look like she was dead.
  • When Simone finds out about Whitney and Chad, she will go crazy and murder Whitney.
  • When Julian comes back to Harmony, someone will really kill him.
  • Sheridan is the one who really "Killed" Julian. Considering that she had that nightmare, and she had on black gloves. Also, It would be the one thing that could keep Luis and Sheridan apart, attempted murder.
  • Eve and Julian's child is not really dead. In fact, he will come to Harmony and claim that he is the true heir to the throne.

By Michelle & Cheryl 7/18/02

  • Chad and Whitney will be a couple and Simone will try to break them up.
  • Simone will go crazy because of Chad and Whitney.
  • Whitney will get pregnant and Chad will turn out to be her brother.
  • Luis and Brian will have a big blow out over Sheridan.
  • Sheridan will be pregnant with Brian's baby.
  • Liz will try to get Brian back.
  • Beth will turn crazy once Luis dumps her.
  • Charity and Miguel will get married once the real Charity is back.
  • When Charity comes back, she will try to undo all of the "evil" things that have happened in Harmony over the past year.
  • Sheridan and Luis will get back together.

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