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One Life to Live Top Ten List

Top Ten Suspects for Colin's Murder by Megan

This hasn't happened yet but we're guessing by Friday that it will..

10. Roseanne- Motive--After a fight with boyfriend Antonio, Roseanne decided to drown her sorrows in a few drinks. Colin, fresh from being pushed away by Nora, befriended the doe-eyed beauty. Rosy was a little too trashed and Colin (who for a moment looked as if he would redeem himself) went in for the kill. After letting it slip that she was working for R.J. as the police station mole, she slipped under the covers with Colin. In the morning, she couldn't believe what she had done, or said. Colin keeps coming back, attempting to blackmail Rosy for sex and threatening her with his information on her. Did she do it? (Scale 1 being the lowest, 10 highest ) 3- It would be great for Roseanne to stop whining and take action. But, I just don't see that happening.

9. R.J.- Motives- and he has them! First, he slipped Lindsay the drug that stole Nora's memory (albeit, he did not know who's memory it was going to erase.) Colin knows where the drug came from. He also knows that Roseanne is R.J's police station mole. He also kidnapped Nora, R.J.'s former sister-in-law, lover and life long friend. Add to that, R.J. just REALLY doesn't like Colin. Did he do it? 5- Yeah, all signs will more than likely point to R.J., but it won't be him for a few reasons. 1. Colin has those letters waiting to be sent out in case of his death that incriminate R.J. in the drugging of Nora. 2. R.J. has had a half a dozen times in which he could have killed him no problem, so why now?

8. Lanie- Motive- he's her ex-husband, what better reason does she need? He cheated on her an undisclosed number of times. And now, he's blackmailing her about her fathers death. Seems Lanie pulled a Kavorkian on her dear ol' dad a few years back. Colin wants money to keep his mouth shut or he'll go to Lanie's new beau, Bo, aka, police commissioner aka, he'll have to lock her up for murder or he won't lock her up, the secret will get out and Bo could lose his job. Did she do it? 6- Why not? Her character is not very popular and this could free up Bo for Nora.

7. Nora- Motive- oh, kidnapping, manipulating her, obsessing over her, lying to her, forcing her to choose between Will's freedom and having Colin put in jail for her kidnapping, I could go on and on.... Colin did kidnap Nora for months, kept her away from her family and allowed psycho Lindsay access to her, which caused her memory to be erased. Then, he obsessed over her, tried to seduce her, and, well you get the point. Did she do it? 2- Hello? This is Nora we're talking about. Tough, brash, Red. No, unless she was attacked, she would not resort to murder. Remember, she wants him to say Lindsay drugged her. Wouldn't kill the only person who could confirm what you have known all along, would you?

6. Will- Motive- bad, bad uncle syndrome. When Will was on the lam, he went to his Uncle Colin for help. Colin was holding Nora captive at this time. Colin locked Will in the basement. He realized that Colin was holding Nora captive and started to contact her. Todd walked in, "saved" both Nora (shipped her off to a convent) and Will (shipped him to Ireland). Will was also the cause of Nora not being able to hold Colin responsible for kidnapping her. (Colin had the tape of Asa's confession saying he set Will up). When Nora chose Will's freedom over her revenge, he swore he would see his demise. Will now knows his mother was the one who drugged Nora, but if Colin disappears, then no one else will have to know. Did he do it? 6- besides the obvious, i can see a twist that will send Will off the deep end (can we say paternity test?)

5. Lindsay- Motive- she's crazy? doing it for love? just felt like it? Lindsay needs a motive like I need cheesecake! Ok, lets see. She slept with Colin, which ruined her marriage to Sam. She had him kidnap Nora. Next, she drugged Nora. Colin has been holding that over her head for the past 6 months. He has milked her for something like a million plus dollars. And, she's Lindsay! Did she do it? 7- we would see this one coming a mile away, unless they pull an interesting twist out of the bag which would send Lindsay even further off the deep end. (if that is possible).

4. Jenny- Motive- poor girl. She thinks that she broke up her parents marriage! I wonder who gave her that idea? Years ago, Colin and Lindsay were doing the, well, you know, upstairs, a young Jenny Rappaport made an anonymous call to daddy, Sam, telling him to come home ASAP. Sam walks in an Whoa! There's his wife with her sisters husband! Jenny has always felt like she was the cause of the break up, and Colin has done nothing to discourage that thought from her head. Did she do it? 1- No, she's too new to the show. But, she is Lindsay's kid, so there is still a possibility.

3. Sam- Motive- how does overall ruining your life sound? Colin's affair with Lindsay put a halt to Sam's first marriage. Then he kidnapped Nora, which halted a possible second union. He held Will against his will. He's hiding a secret about Lindsay. I think another secret will come out, making one fewer Rappa-Davidson in town, and giving Sam one more reason to off the "good" doctor McIver. Did he do it- 9 oh yeah! Not that these aren't great reasons, but hey, Kale's contract is up. And, if he didn't do it, I can see him covering for the real killer.

2. Colin- Motive- yes, you read that right. I don't think the doc would purposely kill himself (too big of an ego!). But, what if decides that he doesn't want to live with all of these memories? He wants to be the hunky doc he once was and injects himself with the memory erasing drug, but he gets too much and overdoses? Really why couldn't it be him? Did he do it? 8- Colin's been getting sloppy in his work lately. It would be fitting if he accidentally offed himself.   And the #1 Suspect is .....

1. No one- What, you say? Yes, you are reading that right. He won't die. That would be the best way for him to get revenge. Make everyone think you have been killed and then surprise! Guess who? Or, my second theory is an identical twin. The twin is mistaken for Colin and murdered. Colin, knowing better than to let a killer know they made a mistake, over takes his twin brother's life and comes back to Llanview in a year to surprise everyone. Rating- 10 yep, I think it's will turn out this way, mainly because I like Ty and don't want to see him killed off.  

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