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One Life to Live Fan Fiction

The Thornharts Return
Chapter One
By Alisa Blevins
Proofread by Iram

Bo Buchanan sat in his office at police headquarters, going over some paperwork, when there was a rap at the door.  “Come in” he responded haphazardly, as he continued to rifle through the reports on his desk, which had his full attention at the moment. 

A woman wearing dark glasses, and a hat entered the room quietly, closing the door softly behind her, and Bo didn’t notice right away that she was even in the room yet. 

The woman took off the dark glasses and removed her hat, allowing her light brown curls to tumble past her shoulders.  “Hello Bo”.  She smiled.

At this Bo glanced up briefly and started to look back down again, when he stopped.  He looked back at the woman unbelievingly.  “MARTY?  MARTY IS IT REALLY YOU?”  At this Bo was on his feet and around the desk in a matter of seconds, hugging Marty Saybrooke/Thornhart close to him, and she returning the hug with as much fervor.  “Marty…how have you been?…where’s Patrick?….how’s Penny?….” Bo’s words tumbled over one another as he tried to contain the excitement of seeing a close friend that he had only been able to keep in sporadic contact with over the last few years. 

“It’s a long story Bo, but one that I must share with you.  And I have to tell you in advance Bo, that I need a favor.” 

“Of course Marty, you know I’d do anything for you and Patrick” Bo replied, as he motioned for Marty to take a seat.  He then went around to his own chair and sat down.  He smiled at the sight of his old friend, but remained silent, waiting for Marty to speak.

“Bo….it’s Penny.” Marty started…

“Penny?  What about Penny?” Bo questioned with concern in his voice.  Although he had never met Marty and Patrick’s child, he had received photographs, and because he had been so close to the couple, he felt very close to the child as well.  Bo got up and walked around to Marty’s side.

“She’s ill Bo..very ill.  She has Lupus, like myself, only her case is worse than mine….” Tears began to well in Marty’s eyes as she continued on, her voice cracking…. “she needs a kidney transplant.”

“Marty…I’m sorry.” Bo said, putting his arm around Marty’s shoulder.

“She’s been on a donor list for months now, and we were recently notified that a donor match was finally found for her in Cherryvale.” Marty continued.  “The surgery is scheduled for next Tuesday” Marty finished.

“Marty, I don’t know what to say….just know that I’m here for you and Patrick and Penny…anything I can do…just name it.” Bo replied.

“Thank you Bo.  I hate to just drop all this on you, but I needed to talk to a friend….and even though I know from what you’ve told me that Carlo Hesser is dead, and so are the others connected with the Men Of 21… still…I’m afraid that something might happen to Penny…I know it sounds crazy Bo, but I am.  I’m scared.” Marty stated, visibly shaken at the mere thought of the Men Of 21 who had terrorized she and Patrick and nearly killed her beloved husband.  “The favor I wanted to ask you Bo, is if you might have any connections to the Cherryvale Police Department….I would feel so much better if I knew that Penny was being watched and kept safe during the times I’m not there….I’m there most of the time, but they won’t let me stay in her room at night, and…” Marty rushed on, as Bo intervened…. “Marty….” Bo stopped her.  “Consider it done.  I’ll make a call to Constable Crain and have him put one of his best men outside her hospital room.  Given the past circumstances, it’s understandable that you would be frightened.  And even though Carlo and the two other men connected with the Men Of 21 are dead, we have no way of knowing if there were others.  Now don’t worry about a thing..leave everything to me.” Bo replied, as he went around to his desk to make the call to Constable Crain in Cherryvale.

While Bo made the call, Marty sat back, and thought back to happier times….times in Ireland when she and Patrick first met.  She had thought him CRAZY at first!  The handsome stranger who had called her “darlin’” in that Irish accent of his…he had rushed to her seat, in the Wild Irish Swann Inn, and  told her “It’s a matter of life or death…we have to pretend we’re lovers” and at that he had taken her in his arms and kissed her passionately.  He then thanked her, and said “I thought all angels had halos”, and then he walked away.    She smiled.  It had taken him some time, but he finally convinced her that he really was being chased by Irish Terrorists out to kill him.  During that time, they fell in love.  She remembered the poem that he used to recite to her…. “Ah penny, brown penny, brown penny.  I am looped in the loops of her hair.”…she smiled through her tears.  Patrick was and always would be the love of her life.  Marty had taken Patrick away, when the others believed he was dead, and nursed him back to health, and they went on to live in hiding in Ireland…but it wasn’t a bad life..because they had each other…and now…they had their beautiful two year old baby…Penny, named after the poem that Patrick used to recite to her, and now recited to their daughter at night, before she went to sleep.  At the thought of Penny and her illness, fresh tears began to fall on Marty’s cheeks.

“Marty…hey, Marty…” Bo said softly.  Marty looked up to see him standing at her side.  “Everything’s going to be ok Marty.  I’ve contacted Constable Crain, and everything is set up.  He’ll have a guard outside Penny’s room 24 hours a day, until she’s released.  In fact the officer is on his way to the hospital as we speak.” Bo said with a small comforting smile.

Marty nodded, as she wiped at the tears on her face.  “Thank you Bo…thank you so much.  You’ve always been there for Patrick and I.” Marty replied as she got up and hugged her friend.

“Hey, no problem…” Bo said, as he hugged Marty back.  “You know I’d do anything for you guys.”

Marty smiled back, now regaining her composure.

“So, tell me Marty, where are you staying?  And is Patrick with you?” Bo questioned.

“I’m staying at the Waterfront Inn in Cherryvale.  It’s near the hospital in case I’m needed.  Patrick wanted to come so much Bo, but under the circumstances, he stayed back in Ireland.  We figured it would be best.  He misses you though Bo…he never stops talking about the good times you two used to have.” Marty smiled, remembering how close the two friends were.

Bo smiled back.  

“Well, Bo….I’d better be getting back.  I want the hospital to be able to contact me if they need to.  Visiting hours are over, but I’m going to call and make sure Penny is doing ok.” Marty said.  “I’m staying in room 301, in case you need to get in touch with me.  Thank you SO MUCH for all your help Bo.  You’ve helped to put my mind at ease.”

“No problem Marty.” Bo replied as Marty donned the dark glasses and hat once again and prepared to leave.  “I’ll be in touch” he added as Marty turned to leave.

“Ok.” Marty said, as she quietly left the office.

Bo walked back to his desk and sat down.  “That poor kid.” He said to himself.  “At least she’ll be safe.” He added, thinking of the guard that would be outside Penny’s room until she was well.

At that moment, in a dark parking garage outside the Cherryvale Hospital, an officer was exiting his car.  He had been only too willing to volunteer for the job of guarding Penny Thornhart, when he learned of the story involving Penny’s parents. 

As he walked up the corridor to Penny’s room, a lone dark figure, hid in the shadows, and the officer didn’t notice, as he rounded the corner and walked down the hallway.  The figure emerged and quickly exited the hospital, and got behind the wheel of a car, parked in a far corner of the parking garage.  The car started, and before pulling away, an evil smile crossed the face of the man who had been hiding in the shadows. 

Marty made her way back to her hotel, thinking she would call Patrick, to let him know how things went with Bo, after she contacted the hospital to make sure Penny was doing alright.  She parked her car, and walked towards her room, located at the back of the Inn.  As she fumbled with the key to the hotel room, two black gloved hands suddenly appeared from behind Marty, one clamping over her mouth, and the other holding her prisoner.  She struggled to free herself, but to no avail.  The hand that was clamped over her mouth, was replaced with a damp cloth.  Marty couldn’t escape, and consciousness began to leave her.  Suddenly her world went black.

When Marty regained consciousness, she had a difficult time focusing and had a terrible headache, and her arms were tied with rope, behind the chair she was sitting in.  When she was finally able to adjust her eyes to her unfamiliar surroundings, she noticed a figure sitting in a chair in a dark corner of the room.  She couldn’t make out who the person was because of the dimly lit room.  “Who are you? What do you want from me?” Marty uttered.

A hand reached out and switched on a small table lamp beside the chair, which illuminated the room, and allowed Marty to make out who it was.  She gasped in horror and disbelief… “YOU!”.

WILL Penny be alright?  Will she make it through her surgery ok?  Who is the dark stranger that has Marty held captive?  Since Bo is the only one who knows Marty is in town will he be able to save her?  Come back to this site to find out, in Chapter Two of The Thornharts Return!

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