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One Life to Live Fan Fiction

The Thornharts Return

By Alisa Blevins
Proofread by Iram

At first Marty took Bo’s news of Patrick badly…but Bo convinced her everything would be all right.  He also convinced Marty to come to Llanview and stay with he and Nora.  Nora was elated that Marty was back, and as she and Bo walked through the door of Bo and Nora’s home, Nora greeted Marty with a tremendous hug and welcomed her into she and Bo’s house.  As soon as Marty was settled, she went to her room to lay down and rest, after her ordeal.   Bo and Nora sat in the front room, on the sofa, talking.  Bo had filled Nora in on everything that had happened to date.

“Bo, do you really think Patrick is ok?  I mean…I don’t want to sound morbid…but…don’t you find it strange that he suddenly had to meet with someone?” Nora asked Bo.

“Well, at first I thought it was a bit odd, but considering the fact that he was risking his own life to come here in the first place to help find Marty…it would only stand to reason that he wouldn’t put himself or his family in more danger, once he found out that Marty was safe.  He probably decided to meet with these people, since he was back in America, after finding out that Marty was ok.” Bo reasoned.

“Well, I hope you’re right Bo.  For Patrick’s sake….and for Marty’s and Penny’s too.” Marty replied as she laid her head on Bo’s shoulder.

Bo put his arm around Nora, and held her, all the while hoping he was right…hoping that Patrick WAS indeed safe.

 Meanwhile, Patrick found himself blindfolded, bound, and gagged…and being forced into the back seat of a vehicle.  Nobody spoke, but Patrick sensed there was only the driver and himself in the vehicle.  They traveled for what seemed like hours to Patrick, before the vehicle stopped and the motor shut off.  The driver got out and came to the back door, opened it and forced Patrick out.  Patrick sensed that they were entering a building, and they continued walking for a ways before Patrick was forced to sit.  The blindfold was then removed and Patrick found himself staring into the face of none other than Carlo Hesser…his mortal enemy.

“Welcome Mr. Thornhart.” Carlo said with a chilling grin.  “Welcome to your demise.” He finished, as he stepped aside to allow Patrick to view the bomb which Carlo had shown Todd hours before;  now sitting on a coffee table directly in front of Patrick.

“I’ve waited a long long time for this moment.” Carlo said as he gave Patrick a chilling glare.  “And now that moment has arrived at long last.”  At that Carlo set a timer on the bomb, for it to go off in one hour.

“Goodbye Mr. Thornhart.  Goodbye…forever.” Carlo then smiled a smile of jubilation….looked at Patrick for several seconds…and walked out of the building, to leave Patrick staring at the bomb….his life ticking away with each second that ticked off the bomb.

 After her nap, Marty rose and freshened up a bit, before entering the front room where Nora was sitting.

“Well hello there..I was starting to wonder if you’d ever wake up.” Nora said jokingly as she smiled at Marty.  “Let me get you some coffee Marty.” Nora said, rising to pour a cup of coffee for Marty.  She handed the cup to Marty, after Marty had taken a seat across from Nora. 

“Thank you.” Marty said as she took the cup from Nora’s hands.

“Bo had to go to the station to finish up some paperwork…and I had an idea, if you think you’re up to it.  I thought it might be nice if we got away for a little while…went for a drive in the mountains.  What do you say?” Nora asked Marty.

Marty smiled at her friend.  “That sounds wonderful Nora.  I’d like that very much.”

“Fine.  Then let’s go!” Nora said enthusiastically, as he got up and retrieved she and Marty’s coats.  Marty laughed at her friend’s exuberance, and followed her out the door. 

 Marty could feel herself relax, as she and Nora drove…taking in all the beautiful scenery around them..the mountains, the trees, the water.  They continued driving a ways when they approached a place that Marty remembered all too well.  It was the cabin that she and Patrick had met in many times before they were married.  All her loving memories of Patrick came flooding back, and Marty begged Nora to stop so she could revisit this memorable spot. 

As they got out and approached the cabin, Marty smiled remembering how Patrick was so sure that she and he belonged together always, even before Marty really knew that herself.  She opened the door to the cabin, while Nora stayed behind at the car…allowing Marty to reminisce. 

 Patrick watched the timer running out. There were three minutes left before it would all be over.  Suddenly he heard a car approaching, and the door open.  He couldn’t yell as he still had the gag over his mouth, but he wanted desperately to warn whoever had entered to get out.  Suddenly a horrible realization washed over him, as he heard a tender voice…. “Patrick I love you so much and wouldn’t trade our life for anything in the world.”

IT WAS MARTY! Patrick thought.  And he couldn’t stop her from entering this dangerous situation..he was powerless to save her this time.

 Is this the end of Marty and Patrick?  Will their love die in the same spot that it came alive?  Has Carlo finally closed the book on his mortal enemy?  Come back next week to this site, and find out!

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