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One Life to Live Fan Fiction

The Thornharts Return

By Alisa Blevins
Proofread by Iram

Patrick Thornhart opened his eyes, and once again the face of his mortal enemy;  Todd Manning, loomed before him.  

“Welcome back Irish…I didn’t think you were ever gonna wake up from that nap you decided to take.” Todd replied, with the same sardonic grin on his face that he had before Patrick had passed out.

Patrick moved his hand to his forehead, where he had hit it in the car accident, and found that it had been bandaged.  He looked again at Todd, incredulously.

“Well, don’t look at me like that, it was bleeding.  I mean I had to…” Todd explained, trying to hide any hint to the fact that he had helped Patrick.

“What are you doing here Manning?  How did you happen to be in the same place, at the same time that I was?” Patrick began firing questions at Todd, as he struggled to sit up.

“You don’t own these roads Irish;  other people DO use them, and anyway, what are you doing back in the land of the living?  The last time I saw you, you were Swiss Cheese…...” Todd retorted sarcastically.

Patrick realized that there wasn’t any way that Todd could have known that he’d be here, because as far as Todd knew he WAS dead.  Still….it seemed like quite a coincidence that Todd should find Patrick in the wreckage of his car.  But suddenly Patrick remembered the reason he was here, and for the time being, forgot about the coincidence of Todd’s presence.  He struggled to stand.  He had moved too suddenly, and his head started to swim.  He sat back down quickly, with a slight hand from Todd.

“Hey, you know, you came back to life, and I can’t wait to hear how THAT happened, but you keep moving around suddenly, and I’m never gonna find out;  because you’ll be out cold again.” Todd said to Patrick.  “C’mon spill it.”  He continued.  “How’d ya do it?”

“Listen, Manning;  I don’t have time to sit around here chatting with the likes of you…I have……something important I have to do…somewhere I have to be.” Patrick said, glaring at Todd.

“Well, it must have been, for you to roll your car down that embankment.” Todd replied.

“I don’t have time, nor the desire to go into it with you Manning, but I need you’re car.” Patrick said.

Todd laughed at Patrick.  “Yeah, right.  Like I’m just gonna hand the keys of my car over to “the likes of you”..” Todd mimicked.  “Look, if you want a ride, fine, but you ain’t taking my car.” He finished.

“Allright then, let’s go, but HURRY.” Patrick said, hating the fact that he had to ride in the same vehicle with Todd Manning; but having no other options.

“Not so fast Irish…” Todd interrupted.  “First, you have to tell me what’s going on….AND on the way, you have to explain how you rose from the dead.”

“Forget it Manning, I’ll walk” Patrick said stubbornly.  Again Patrick tried to rise, and again ended up on the ground.  He glared up at Todd, and Todd smiled back at him.

“So?  Do we have a deal then?” Todd questioned Patrick.

“Fine.  I’ll tell you, but if you do ANYthing…and I mean ANYthing to jeopardize my wife’s life, or my child’s, and you’ll regret the day you ever met me Manning.”  Patrick said, seething.

“I regretted that that day in Ireland, when I  took a bullet for you, Irish.” Todd said with pain mixed with anger on his face, and in his voice.  “But enough about our “Feelings” for one another” Todd continued… “Let’s hear it.  Tell me everything.”

“The only thing that I’m going to tell you, and the only thing that you need to know, is that Marty is in some sort of trouble….she’s missing, and I need to get to her.  I need you to take me to Cherryvale.” Patrick told Todd.

“OK, get in…you can fill me in on everything else on the way.” Todd said.  Patrick again got the feeling that Todd was being a bit overly friendly and helpful, but with his mind on Marty, he didn’t’ have time to dwell on it.  He got up, with Todd’s help, and got into the passengers’ side of Todd’s car.  Todd went around to the drivers’ side, got in, started the engine, and headed the car in the direction of Cherryvale.

Bo Buchanan had left word with the officers who remained at the Waterfront Inn in Cherryvale, to fill Patrick in and call him on his mobile phone when Patrick did arrive.  He was now driving in a remote area several miles outside of Cherryvale.  He wasn’t sure what sort of clues he might find, but he was taking every avenue he could to find Marty or some clue as to where she might be.  It was still a couple of hours before nightfall.  Bo pulled his car over to the side of the road.  He got out and began walking partly to search for clues as to Marty’s whereabouts and partly to stretch his legs.  He had been riding around for hours, and his legs were starting to cramp.  He began walking across a field and came to the edge of some trees.  They appeared dense at first glance, but as Bo entered them, he saw that they didn’t go very far before they opened again.  To Bo's surprise, there was a crudely built cabin sitting on the other side of the trees.  There were no cars around, and there didn’t appear to be any roads leading to the cabin from any direction.  The cabin had a door on the north side that Bo had entered on and a window on the west side.  Bo quietly moved to the window, carefully eased it up, and glanced inside.  There in a chair, sat Marty Saybrooke/Thornhart with her hands tied behind her back!  Bo couldn’t believe it.  He had found Marty!!!  He drew his weapon, and carefully made his way to the door he had seen on the North side of the cabin.  He slowly reached for the door handle and in one swift quiet motion, he opened the door and pointed his gun inside.  He checked all directions in the room, and seeing no one but Marty, carefully made his way to the only other door in the room.  With the same motions he had entered the cabin with, he opened the door, and checked the other room.  Finding nothing, Bo hurried back to the room Marty was in, put his gun back in it’s holster, and began untying her.  Marty began to sob with happiness at seeing Bo.  “Marty, it’s’re alive, you’re ok…nothing’s going to happen to you now.” Bo said, as he removed the last of the ropes that held Marty captive.  Marty threw her arms around Bo’s neck, and thanked him over and over.  “What happened Marty?” Bo questioned.

Marty relayed how she had been drugged, and awoke to find herself held captive in the cabin.  She continued, telling Bo that Carlo Hesser was alive, and had been the one to bring her here.  She told Bo of all that Carlo had said.

“Somehow, it doesn’t surprise me that Carlo is alive.  He always seems to rise from the dead.  But what DOES surprise me is why he would leave you here alone.  It’s as if he wanted us to find you.  This doesn’t add up.  Why would he kidnap you, then leave you to be found so easily?” Bo told Marty.  “No, there’s more to it than this..and I’m going to find out what it is.  Meanwhile, we need to get you out of here.”  Bo helped Marty out of the cabin, through the woods, and back to his car.  They then headed back to the Waterfront Inn in Cherryvale.

Why would Carlo Hesser kidnap Marty only to have her found so easily?  Does he have something else up his sleeve?  And what does Todd Manning have up HIS sleeve?  Come back next week to the One Life To Live fan fiction site and find out !!!

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