OLTL Best Lines Tuesday 6/25/13 - Episode 23

One Life to Live Best Lines Tuesday 6/25/13


Provided By Gisele

Blair: Okay, if you want to go to the coffee shop, you can go, but please be careful.

Jack: Is Scarface's security going to be following me?

Blair: Sweetheart, you don't worry about that. I want you to worry about your surroundings, okay?

Jack: Yeah, I know. Stranger danger. You've been telling me that since I was 2.

Blair: Well, this time, I mean it.

Robert: Nah. Hasn't left his room since I watched him go inside.

Todd: Well, all right. I'm on my way. Hey. Do me a favor? Make sure he doesn't leave the room, and don't kill him until I get there.

Matthew: [Sighs] You still think she's going to show up?

Jeffrey: She admitted that she's in Llanview, so who knows?

Matthew: Okay, tell me. Who's going to walk through that door? Some 400-pound cat woman or some lonely guy?

Jeffrey: If either of those people show up, I will buy them coffee.

Matthew: You're a perv. And she's not showing up, okay?

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