OLTL Best Lines Wednesday 1/11/12

One Life to Live Best Lines Wednesday 1/11/12


Provided By Wanda

Roxanne: Now, nobody could be happier than me that the two of you are hitched, but we've got a party to throw here.

Rex: Oh, for us?

Roxanne: Not for you. You already had your party. For "Fraternity Row," because it's their last episode tomorrow.

Gigi:  Oh, my God. That's right.

Roxanne: It's terrible. But anyway, I'm throwing a huge bash for the S.O.S. Committee.

Rex: S.O.S.?

Both: Save our stories.

Rex: Oh! Right.

Roxanne: And we almost did, 'cause we petitioned, we wrote letters, we made phone calls, and we tried to talk to those empty suits, but they wouldn't listen.

Gigi: Yes, they had already made up their minds.

Roxanne: Okay, so the only thing for us to do is just put on our party hats and give them the send-off that they deserve.

Rex: Well, I'm down with that. Whatever makes my family happy.

Roxanne: Okay. All right. Well, I've got all sorts of decorations here and party favors and costumes. 'Cause everybody's gonna dress up in their favorite costume and, I, of course, I'm going to be Lorraine. And you can be whoever you want. Um...except not Brandon and Briana because that's Johnny and Natty, 'cause they're the star-crossiest lovers that I've ever met. So I'm taking odds that "Fraternity Row" is gonna give them a happy ending. I mean, somebody's got to.

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