OLTL Best Lines Friday 1/6/12

One Life to Live Best Lines Friday 1/6/12


Provided By Wanda

Allison: Remember when I kidnapped your little one? Baby Natalie. Those were the days. I took her away so that the messenger's daughter, baby Jessica, could live the life of luxury with Miss Viki and Hop-A-Long Clint. And your daughter, that would be baby Natalie would grow up in a trailer park with Roxanne Balsom. Or at least that's what Mitch thinks.

Clint: What exactly does that mean?

Allison: You really need to pay attention. Who's the brains of this operation? Anyone? Me. Allison Perkins. Mitch is a sacred vessel, but he's not the sharpest crayon in the box, and we all know how very angry he can get if he doesn't get what he wants.....I, Allison Perkins have sworn to do whatever it takes to placate the messenger....whatever it takes....even if it means making the messenger believe something that isn't exactly kosher. Capisce?

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