OLTL Best Lines Wednesday 12/7/11

One Life to Live Best Lines Wednesday 12/7/11


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Clint: Nigel, don't believe everything you read.

Nigel: With all due respect, this publication is an exceedingly reliable source of information.

Clint: There's no such thing in a business that feeds on rumors. Have you ever heard the phrase "no publicity is bad publicity"? I'm telling you, in about a week, they'll be printing a retraction.

Nigel: I would dearly hope so, but in all my years as a reader, Soap Opera Weekly has never gotten a story wrong.

Clint: Well, they've got to be wrong. "Fraternity Row" is in great shape. Viki and I were just watching it about an hour ago, and there were surprises and plot twists. That show is rolling along like a -- like a freight train.

Nigel: I take it you're referring to Brandon and Briana and their possibly forbidden love.

Clint: Are they brother and sister or not? Is this a love that dare not speak its name? Now, if that doesn't get people to tune in tomorrow, nothing will.

Nigel: Oh, if only we could tune in ad infinitum. But I suppose all good things must come to an end.

Clint: Stop it, Nigel. Now you're getting me worried. If that show really is canceled, Viki's gonna be devastated.

Nigel: As will I.

Clint: She's been watching since Megan was on.

Nigel: How well I recall ms. Harrison's riveting portrayal of Roxanne and Ruby Bright. It won her the Daisy award. Well, at least we'll have all those memories to keep us warm.

Clint: Yes. That we will.

Nigel: I was wondering if you might want to host a party.

Clint: A party?

Nigel: A special sendoff to celebrate all the joy "Fraternity Row" has given us over the years.

Clint: That's a good idea. Viki would love that. But she wouldn't want me anywhere near it.

Nigel: Why would you say that, sir?

Clint: Because things have changed between Viki and me.

Nigel: Since when?

Clint: Since... I kissed her.

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