OLTL Best Lines Monday 12/5/11

One Life to Live Best Lines Monday 12/5/11


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Rex: Okay. Stacy was Gigi's little sister. She was sort of a...geek in high school. She didn't really have a lot of friends. I was nice to her once. I don't even remember it, but for her, it was a big deal, like it was a sign that we were supposed to be together or something. A few years ago, Stacy came to Llanview, and she blackmailed Gigi to breaking up with me. And I was an idiot.

Aubrey: Why? What happened?

Rex: We hooked up. Stacy got pregnant.

Aubrey: Oh, you're kidding.

Rex: That's just the beginning. She lost the baby, but she didn't want to lose me, so she got some other guy to knock her up so she could pass it off as mine.

Aubrey: And she thought you wouldn't leave her.

Rex: That was Stacy's plan.

Aubrey: Okay, so she lied about paternity. So did your sister, and Natalie didn't run off and try to steal Jessica's face.

Rex: I didn't tell you how she blackmailed Gigi into giving me up. Shane had leukemia. And we were looking for the perfect stem-cell donor. It turned out Stacy was a match. Only actually, that wasn't true, but she got her hands on some blood that was a match, the same blood that would save our son's life.

Aubrey: Oh, my God.

Rex: Stacy was willing to let Shane die if she couldn't have me.

Aubrey: That is so twisted.

Rex: Yeah, well, that's Stacy. And now she's found somebody just as ruthless as her.

Aubrey: I don't know. This is -- it's just...it's so hardcore, even for Cutter. For him to do something like... this. Wait. This doesn't add up.

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