OLTL Best Lines Wednesday 11/23/11

One Life to Live Best Lines Wednesday 11/23/11


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Matthew: My name is Matthew Buchanan, and today is Thanksgiving Day. I wish I had more to be thankful for this year, but I took a punch in the head back in May, and all the lights went out. They came back on for a little while, but it didn't last. And ever since then, spending time with me is about as exciting as watching paint dry. I can't believe Jessica's with Ford now. I remember when Uncle Clint hated that guy so much he tried to fix it so someone else would be Ryder's father. It's got to be rough for Brody being back at St. Anne's. I guess he lost it when he found out Liam wasn't his and tried to run off with the kid. Brody's been wanting a family of his own for a really long time. It's the same thing he was trying to hold on to back when he kidnapped Shane. I'm sorry, Shane. I wish I could tell you that, just like I wish I could tell you how sorry I am that I didn't stand up for you back when those jerks at school were harassing you. I'm your cousin. I should have had your back. Hey, there's Nigel. Doesn't he get a day off after getting knocked out? Is there anybody else like Roxy? She's the bomb.

Hey, Uncle Clint. Sorry you had to spend the holidays under house arrest. But when you flipped out after you lost mom, you did some bad stuff -- not to me. You were always good to me. You even confessed to a crime I committed. But you and Aunt Viki probably aren't thinking about that today. Mom has no idea where that is. Neither does Dad. But at least it's peaceful here. Can't say the same about Brody. There's no peace for him right now.

Things between Jessica and Natalie are still kind of tense. When Jessica broke the news that John was Liam's father, Natalie treated her like dirt. But Natalie had her problems, too. She was still into John, even though she was supposed to be marrying Brody. But now that the wedding's off, she still doesn't know if she's got a future with John... or not.

Way to go, Aunt Viki. Nobody keeps the peace better than you. Guess it's your move, Roxy. How are you gonna get out of this one? And how's John gonna get out of this one?

Good luck with that. John McBain talks about as much as I do these days. Clint, it doesn't matter whose heart's in there. It's a lot bigger and better than the old one.

You got to admit, Jess. That story was pretty hard to believe. Especially the part about Tina's dog. Uncle Clint just put one grandkid down for a nap. Now he's got to deal with the grandkid who needs him most of all.

My cousin Jessica's amazing. Meanwhile, dad's trying not to tell my brother, David, that he lost his job. The last thing he wants is David telling Dorian, the senator, and getting her to pull some strings. Happy thanksgiving, David. Don't you wish we could give them something really big to be thankful for? Good thing the phone wasn't on speaker. My big brother just told me some big news. But he swore me to secrecy, so I can't say anything. I'll take that one to my grave. Whoa, the drumstick's Uncle Clint's favorite. You better pray that nobody else he owes wants the other one. But do you have any idea how grateful I am to you? God, I wish you could hear me. You know what I wish?

I wish I had a chance to tell Robert Ford and his brothers how sorry I am. I never meant to take their dad's life. And you know what else I wish? That I could stick around to see what happens with these guys. Brody's lucky. He'll have a chance to make up for what he did. Uncle Clint's getting that chance, too. But not me. I blew it. But Thanksgiving's not Thanksgiving without the wishbone.

Mom and Dad with their arms around each other -- that's my happy ending right there. My name is Matthew Buchanan, and today is Thanksgiving day. It was a day of gratitude, of joy, and hope, and wishes -- lots of wishes. But in the end... it was also the day I died.

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