OLTL Best Lines Monday 10/31/11

One Life to Live Best Lines Monday 10/31/11


Provided By Wanda

Roxanne: I'm sure these freaks are not gonna mind if I snare you away to share a drink with the guest of honor.

Rex: Come on in. Make yourselves at home.

Cutter: Don't mind if I do. Wow. Talk about up close and personal. That was Rex, the guy that you changed your face and nearly died for. Ring any bells?

Roxanne: No one is drinking enough of my witch's brew.

Rex: Well, it sounds like you've downed enough of it yourself.

Roxanne: Oh, excuse me. You afraid I'm gonna make some kind of scene?

Rex: Oh, like you need to drink to make a scene. I'm more concerned about your loose lips.

Roxanne: Oh, you're scared that I'm gonna tell Nattie that Johnny still loves her. No, don't worry about anything. I promised I wouldn't. I made a promise to you. And Roxanne Louise Balsom never belches on a promise.

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