OLTL Best Lines Friday 9/23/11

One Life to Live Best Lines Friday 9/23/11


Provided By Wanda

Irene: Good morning, son. Did you sleep well?

Todd: Oh, shut up, Irene.

Irene: That's a rather sad greeting for the one person in the world who could set you free.

Todd: What, Oprah's here?

Irene: You doubt me?

Todd: No, I don't doubt that you stashed Louie somewhere and the gun that I never fired. And I'm sure that you will give it back as soon as I dig up whatever it is that you think that I have, even though I don't have it, and I don't know where it is, and I have no idea how to find it.

Irene: Now you're playing with me.

Todd: I was tortured and drugged, consistently, for 8 years. Don't you think I would tell you what I knew? There's only so much electroshock a body can take.

Irene: You really don't know.

Todd: No. No, I really don't. And if my life depends on it, it would be really helpful if you would tell me what it is.

Irene: I suppose the medications and the conditioning may have affected your memory. But it's in there, Todd. Deep inside, you know what I'm looking for and where you hid it. It's just going to take the right motivation to pluck it out.

Todd: Could you, I don't know, maybe draw me a map or a diagram? How about I phone a friend? I could ask the audience. What is it? Just tell me what it is you think I have.

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