OLTL Best Lines Wednesday 9/21/11

One Life to Live Best Lines Wednesday 9/21/11


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Roxy: So are you telling me that Clint's pole-dancing, gold-grabbing ex -- oh, friend of Stacy Morasco, God bless her soul, has our son's fate in her grubby, little hands?

Echo: Yes. That's exactly what I'm saying.

Roxy: Man, I thought it was bad that Cutter had that gun, but this is a billion times worse. How the hell did this happen?

Echo: It doesn't matter how it happened. What matters is that Kim's got the gun.

Roxy: Give her what she wants and then get the gun.

Echo: Easier said than done. She wants me to convince Rex to give Clint back everything he took from him, including the house, the money, all the stocks in the corporation, everything. All of it.

Roxy: So did you ask Rexy?

Echo: Yeah, but he won't even consider it, and he was mad at me for even suggesting it.

Roxy: So what'd you tell him?

Echo: I told him that knowing Gigi, she wouldn't have approved of the way he got it, and that he had to return it in order to save his soul.

Roxy: That is very good.

Echo: Well, I couldn't exactly tell him it's because we think he killed Victor Lord, Jr.

Roxy: Maybe we should. Maybe it's time to come clean with our son.

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