OLTL Best Lines Monday 9/19/11

One Life to Live Best Lines Monday 9/19/11


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Kim: Bet you're wondering how Rex's murder weapon ended up in the hind quarters of a porcupine. I'll tell you. Roxy's as big a genius as she ever was. And Rex's biological mom, Echo DiSavoy--did I ever tell you about her? She was Clint's mistress when he was married to Queen Victoria back when dinosaurs roamed the earth. Apparently, they were trying to protect Rex by hiding the murder weapon, only the only thing that they could think of was to put it in a porcupine's... I still can't believe that Clint actually slept with that woman. Maybe she was more attractive when she was young. ......So Roxy and Echo had Rex's gun in the porcupine, and then Roxy accidentally sells the thing to my brother at the flea market. My brother didn't know the gun was in there, but once he did he was gonna hold onto it as kind of an insurance policy. But Cutter doesn't have a friend holed up in an expensive hospital room, so I win. And I already made a deal with Echo. I'll give her back the gun as soon as she convinces Rex to give Clint back all his money. ....... It's like killing two birds with one stone. Clint gets back the money that's rightfully his and then he could give us what we need to pay your bills, and no one in Llanview ever has to know who my friend is, which is exactly how we want it, right? Of course, this all depends on Echo coming through for us. Don't worry. Rex's mom isn't going to let him go to prison for murdering Victor Lord. My brother Cutter doesn't know his precious porcupine is empty. I snatched the gun right from under him. Poor guy. Anyway, I bet this thing is filled with Rex's prints all over it. I could probably send him to prison for a long, long time. Now don't get your IVs all in a twist. I won't let it come to that, not when I have our friend Nina here. If I play this right, everybody wins. Clint gets his money back, Rex doesn't get caught, and you get better. It's like a fairy tale, only this time I'm the fairy godmother and this gun is the magic wand that's gonna get you better again.

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