OLTL Best Lines Tuesday 9/13/11

One Life to Live Best Lines Tuesday 9/13/11


Provided By Wanda

Cutter: You got to believe me. I'm here for the long haul, just you and me. Why do you think I got that stupid job? I'm trying to go straight, but if they hear that I got hauled into the station to explain some weapon that I brought on the premises, not good.

Aubrey: Yeah, but what if it's the real murder weapon? What if it could help the cops catch the killer? Somebody obviously hid it in this stupid porcupine.

Cutter: It's not stupid. It ain't stupid.

Aubrey: Where did you get it, anyway?

Cutter: I got it at the flea market, Roxy's table. She was arguing with Echo, so I just put the money down and took him home.

Aubrey: What were they arguing about?

Cutter: Hell if I know.

Aubrey: I'm just saying, maybe it was about Victor Lord. Maybe they killed him.

Cutter: Those two broads?

Aubrey: Anything is possible.

Cutter: In this town, yeah. You're right, but why would they want Victor Lord dead? Wait. Isn't Echo Rex Balsom's mother?

Aubrey: Biological mom, but Roxy raised him.

Cutter: So maybe the gun belonged to Rex. He had every reason to want Victor Lord dead.

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