OLTL Best Lines Tuesday 9/6/11

One Life to Live Best Lines Tuesday 9/6/11


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Kim: Pre-surgery. Thanks to a couple of nips and tucks, I don't look like that anymore.

Cutter: Yeah. And those nips and tucks cost a pretty penny. Remember? You stole from Rama to pay for...

Kim: Watch it.

Cutter: These features. And when she finds out who you really are underneath there, she's gonna want her money back.

Kim: Fine. I'll pay her back in full, just as soon as I remarry Clint.

Cutter: As soon as you what?

Kim: Do you think I dragged myself all the way back to Pennsylvania just to see my big brother? Clint Buchanan used to be my billion-dollar baby.

Cutter: Yeah. I heard about that.

Kim: You did?

Cutter: You think just because we don't see each other, I don't keep tabs on you? A Buchanan wedding makes the papers. And I thought, "Hey, Buchanan. There's a way to go," So that's when Christine and I hitched our wagon on Clint's son Joey. You thought it was just a coincidence?

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