OLTL Best Lines Friday 9/2/11

One Life to Live Best Lines Friday 9/2/11


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Kim: Good morning, girl. I'm back. Don't say I told you so. Llanview wasn't a total bust. I did get to see Clint, and everything was going so great until that redhead showed up. So David was the easiest part of the whole deal. Go figure. Clint was the one-- man, you should've seen him. He didn't look so hot. That whole transplant thing really took it out of him. Don't get me wrong, he still had his spark. I know you were never into the whole older guy thing, but believe me, it's there. I was about to tell him exactly how I feel, and then Natalie flew in on her broom and threw me out. But don't worry, we're just getting started. By the time I'm done, that little bitch will be calling me Mom. .....I know, you're sick of hearing about Clint. There's more news, but it's kind of weird. Ok, it's very weird, but you should know. It's Rex. He's kind of lost it. He dug up Gigi's grave. So first this pasty gravedigger tells me that Gigi's grave's been vandalized, that the date of her death had been scratched off her headstone. Creepy, right? And then Rex shows up with Clint's brother and a bunch of guys and they start digging Gigi up. I guess it's legal, but it shouldn't be. They opened the casket right there on the ground. Rex was going totally nuts. I was actually kind of worried about him. It's like he didn't think Gigi would be in there. But that's crazy, isn't it?

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