OLTL Best Lines Friday 8/19/11

One Life to Live Best Lines Friday 8/19/11


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Blair: You're telling me the man I believed was Todd Manning for the last 8 years is really Victor Lord Jr.?

Todd: Yep. That's right.

Blair: Your twin?

Todd: That's what Irene said. She also told us that she brainwashed Victor into believing he was me, but I don't buy it. Obviously, the guy wanted my life, and can you blame him?

Blair: You told Starr everything you just told me?

Todd: Yeah, and when I told Starr, she didn't have to check up on me. She didn't call Viki or John McBain or anybody else.

Blair: Well, you know what? I need to.

Todd: Starr believed me the minute that I told her. Didn't stop her from running to his side as soon as my evil twin called.

Blair: What did he want?

Todd: Well, I'm hoping that he wanted to do the right thing by her for the first time in his life and apologize to her in person.

Jack: You always wanted the other guy to be Dad just because he has Dad's old face.

Starr: That is not true.

Dani: Ok. Why are you saying that he's not our dad?

Starr: Because I was just with the real Todd Manning, Dani, and he told me what happened at Aunt Viki's, ok? The truth is out.

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