OLTL Best Lines Tuesday 8/16/11

One Life to Live Best Lines Tuesday 8/16/11


Provided By Wanda

Dorian: Why would you ransack our living room?

David: I ran into the two Todds this afternoon.

Dorian: Like one isn't enough?

David: I had to figure out which one was the real one so I could broker a movie deal.

Dorian: Any luck?

David: Not yet, but I got the ball rolling. I just had to find Irene's diary.

Dorian: Irene Manning's diary, absolutely. And?

David: Mission accomplished. Took a little digging, but I found it.

Dorian: Oh. Oh, I remember Irene Manning's diary. Wow, it saved my life.

David: Strictly speaking, I saved your life. The part where Irene confessed to killing Victor Lord didn't forge itself, you know.

Dorian: One of your finest moments. I was exonerated.

David: Of the murder you didn't commit.

Dorian: Or so Viki chooses to believe.

David: What was that?

Dorian: Victor Lord deserved to die. He needed killing after all the terrible things that he did.

David: Yeah, the least of which was foisting two Todd Mannings on this unsuspecting world.

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