OLTL Best Lines Wednesday 8/10/11

One Life to Live Best Lines Wednesday 8/10/11


Provided By Wanda

New Todd: Don't tell me it's not true. She's already made up her mind. She wants him as her brother. Not me.

Viki: Look, I understand your feelings about my-- the man who calls himself my brother, ok? But I swear to you, that's who he really thinks he is. Besides, if he were gonna alter your test, he would not have made you Todd Manning as well.

Old Todd: He's got you fooled, sis. He's good. Maybe he's got Victor Lord's blood in him after all.

Viki: If he does, then there's your answer. I just wish we could talk to Irene. Although she wouldn't give me a straight answer, would she? Do you know, she was my close, close friend for years, and I never once suspected she was having an affair with our father. When I found out about the affair... I was so--I felt so betrayed, not just by him but by her as well. We had shared everything. And unfortunately, as a result of finding out, every single memory I have of our time together is tainted. There's a photograph in here of us-- Irene and me at our homecoming dance--and I look at it and I think, "Oh, well, I'm sure she was going to meet Father right after the dance." And I have to wonder about the boyfriend that she had the summer that I was away. You know, if she had been alive when I found out the truth... I would have given her a piece of my mind.

Old Todd: I've seen you when the gloves come off. It's a good thing she's dead.

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