OLTL Best Lines Tuesday 8/9/11

One Life to Live Best Lines Tuesday 8/9/11


Provided By Wanda

Baker: It's better than leaving things as they are now.

Woman: Really? Shall we review? After failing to extract any useful information from the fugitive in the last 8 years, you let him escape.

Baker: We didn't let him. He somehow managed to--

Woman: Escape. And make his way to Llanview, where, by now, he has made contact with any number of people he considers to be his loved ones, and discovered that a man--another man has somehow managed to stake claim to his life.

Baker: It is complicated, but--

Woman: The fugitive murdered one of our agents, who, in the process of trying to neutralize him, nearly killed a child, thereby attracting the attention of the local police, who are now up to their elbows in our business.

Baker: Yes, as I said--

Woman: If the power of my imagination has not failed me, I cannot envision a way to salvage any of this, now that the horse is officially out of the barn. But perhaps you know better.

Baker: There is one thing.

Woman: And what might that be?

Baker: I've been made aware that John McBain has ordered DNA tests on the fugitive and on Todd Manning. It's possible that the results are in and that he's sharing them with others as we speak. But I suppose that doesn't help the situation, either.

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