OLTL Best Lines Thursday 7/28/11

One Life to Live Best Lines Thursday 7/28/11


Provided By Wanda

Dorian: How dare you show up in my dress at my opening?

Ionia: Excuse me, I am the star of this film.

Dorian: Blanca, this woman is a liar and a cheat. She has conspired with a certain echo DiSavoy to have me kidnapped. And believe me, Blanca, if there were any justice in the world, she would be arrested and thrown in jail. After everything we did for that woman. We rescued her from obscurity. Blanca, dear, instead of showing us gratitude, what did she do? She played the most toxic mind games.

David: That woman took off her bikini top.

Dorian: More importantly, that woman had me kidnapped and I could have been killed.

Ionia: Clearly, Mrs. Cramer Lord Vickers Buchanan is forgetting that she dropped all charges against me.

Dorian: Not because you weren't guilty. Now, get out of here now.

Ionia: I am not going anywhere. I am "Vicker Man."

David: No, you're not. I am "Vicker Man."

Ionia: Well, in name only. I run away with his film.

Dorian: Ha ha. All your best parts are gonna be on the cutting room floor if you don't run away right now. Out!

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