OLTL Best Lines Friday 7/22/11

One Life to Live Best Lines Friday 7/22/11


Provided By Wanda

Dorian: Clint is no saint. I shouldn't have to tell you that. In fact, as soon as he is well enough, he's on his way to prison. So there's no way the police are going to believe anything he has to say.

Rex: I'm sure his brother will pay attention. I did some checking. Rama Patel said that she saw you standing over Clint's body. I'm sure she'd be willing to testify that you waited to call 911.

Dorian: Right. Rama Patel, who's married to the man who changed the paternity test results so Clint would not be your father. Listen, that begs the question--why do you care what happens to Clint?

Rex: Because he took Gigi's heart because of you. You're the reason she was cut open.

Dorian: In point of fact, your Gigi had the generosity, the integrity to become an organ donor. If her heart hadn't gone to Clint, it would've gone to somebody else.

Rex: If it hadn't been for you and your sociopath of a nephew, Gigi would still be alive. Jack locked her in the basement. Jack killed her. And I'm not gonna stand here and watch you take another woman away from my son. I will take you down first.

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