OLTL Best Lines Wednesday 7/20/11

One Life to Live Best Lines Wednesday 7/20/11


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Dorian: Oh, don't you worry about that. You're doing a great job. Oh, yes! Besides which, I've got all the time in the world, now that you've saved me from the clutches of this wretched--

Echo: Oh, shut up! The only reason he's helping you is because he's afraid his mean, old Aunt Dorian isn't gonna give him any more birthday presents. Right, kid? You remember me, I'm--

Dorian: Ha ha! Well done, Spider-man. Oh! Ha ha! Thank you! Thank you, thank you, my superhero. You saved my life. Now, ok, I need some serious explanations. What are you doing in this vile establishment, and where are your parents?

Sam: At my birthday party.

Dorian: Oh. Well, I don't understand. How did you get here?

Sam: Spider-man's hiding here.

Dorian: Spider-man is hiding here? I gotta tell you something, honey. Your Aunt Dorian's just a little bit confused. But no worries. We'll just let the police sort that out when they get here.

Sam: The police?

Dorian: Oh, you betcha the police. Don't you know? The policeman is our friend, and we're just gonna call them up so they can make an arrest. But first wait a minute. There's something I have to do. Come, honey, come. Yes. I want to record this moment for posterity. Right? I want you to--that's perfect. You, Spider-man, with your prisoner. Yes, yes, yes. Attitude. Yes. Echo, this one's gonna be suitable for framing.

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