OLTL Best Lines Tuesday 7/19/11

One Life to Live Best Lines Tuesday 7/19/11


Provided By Wanda

David: You've got connections. You could pull a few strings. Patch me right through to the director. Is it still Jodie Foster?

Viki: David, I have no connections with the FBI. John McBain, on the other hand--

David: Has apparently gone home! Oh, God. We need John McBain. I want Echo DiSavoy brought to me like Hannibal Lecter, strapped to a handcart with her jaw wired shut behind one of those plastic goalie masks.

Viki: Slow down.

David: How am I supposed to slow down?!

Viki: David, I'm not saying you're wrong. We both know that Echo's capable of anything.

David: Except human decency.

Viki: Frankly, the image of her jaw wired shut behind a goalie mask is very appealing, but we don't have any evidence that Echo even has Dorian.

David: That slattern sicced Ionia Masters on us and almost ruined our marriage. God, isn't that enough?

Viki: But we don't know that Dorian has come to any physical harm. All we know is that Dorian's not answering her phone.

David: What about those two garden hoses?

Viki: Oh, yes. The garden hoses and the broken toy by the pool

David: No. Viki, my Vickers sense is tingling. Something's wrong. Something's terribly, terribly wrong.

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