OLTL Best Lines Monday 7/18/11

One Life to Live Best Lines Monday 7/18/11


Provided By Wanda

Rama: Vimal, you're being so cold.

Vimal: You lied about a baby. I went to prison because of you. How can you expect anything else?

Rama: I don't, but it still hurts, Vimal.

Vimal: What are you doing here?

Rama: I heard you had a new job. I just wanted to congratulate you.

Vimal: Oh, you heard I had a paycheck again and you're sniffing around. What's the matter--you tired of living at the Minute Man Motel? Or did Llanview's best arms drop you?

Rama: All that's true. Yes. I am tired of living with Aubrey, and Cristian hates me for being a greedy opportunist, but none of that's the reason why I'm here.

Vimal: No. This is a trick. You think a little sprinkle of honesty will make me swallow more lies.

Rama: Vimal, I want nothing more than to tell you how happy I am for you. Mr. Manning did himself a favor when he hired you.

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