OLTL Best Lines Tuesday 7/12/11

One Life to Live Best Lines Tuesday 7/12/11


Provided By Wanda

Dorian: Oh, I would've gladly shot you dead. Only we found that dead body in the bushes.

David: Baby, you wouldn't shoot me. You love me.

Dorian: Oh, this slutty slut thinks you would. That's why she sent you over the package-- with a gun in it.

David: She ain't my slutty slut. I have no idea why she would send me anything, much less a handgun. This entire thing is obviously a setup.

Dorian: That is so idiotically self-absorbed.

David: Think about it for one second. Who spent months in a dungeon while Clint tried to make you believe that I was up to my armpits in debutantes? That was me. So doesn't it stand that someone's trying to make you believe that I'm having an affair when I'm not?

Dorian: Explain this.

David: I can't account for that woman's bad taste.

Dorian: Oh, anyone who wants you has bad taste.

David: Baby, we love each other. You're the strawberry in my champagne.

Dorian: Oh, please, David. I can't do this anymore.

David: So that's it, huh? No more movie premiere? No more marriage?

Dorian: Oh, please stop it, ok? Just go. Please.

David: Oh, ye of little faith.

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