OLTL Best Lines Thursday 6/23/11

One Life to Live Best Lines Thursday 6/23/11


Provided By Wanda

Rex: Téa wouldn't help me marry Gigi, so I'm doing what I got to to protect her.

Echo: Rex, listen to me. In order for a power of attorney to hold up in court, Gigi has to have been of sound mind when she signed it. It has to be witnessed by two people. It has to be certified by a notary, not to mention a copy of it has to be placed on file. Simply forging it is not going to work.

Rex: So, how am I supposed to stop Clint from getting Gigi's heart?

Echo: Is that really what you want? Your father--I know there's no love lost between the two of you, but he is dying. Gigi's heart can save him. Honey, she signed the donor card. She wants to be of service.

Rex: If they want to give her heart to some 10-year-old in a car crash, that's fine, but not Clint Buchanan. No way.

Echo: Honey, you cannot play God here.

Rex: No, he's the one playing God. How do you think he got to the top of the list? This is his hospital, his town. I'm surprised he hasn't sent his thugs in here to drag her down to the O.R.

Echo: He is a powerful man. There's no question there.

Rex: He never got to know Gigi and Shane. He never tried to start any kind of relationship with them. He thought that I was after his money.

Echo: He is a terrible man. He's been terrible to the two of you.

Rex: Clint is not getting her heart. End of story. If you're not with me on this, get out.

Echo: I am with you. Always and forever. I'm gonna prove it to you.

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