OLTL Best Lines Wednesday 6/15/11

One Life to Live Best Lines Wednesday 6/15/11


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Dani: I'm so glad Matthew and Destiny were safe. I was so shocked when she told me they had sex, it never even occurred to me to ask if they were careful.

Starr: Well, when you have a baby at 16, you think about these things. I was just so surprised because I didn't even know that Matthew and Destiny were dating.

Dani: No. That's the thing. They weren't.

Starr: Then--

Dani: They just really care about each other. I mean, what happened between the two of them, it's not like it was casual, but they also didn't plan for it to happen. I guess it just kind of did.

Starr: Well, they may not have planned it, but at least they were prepared for it, but Destiny did not want to talk to me about it.

Destiny: Starr got all up in my business asking if we used protection. Like no one ever got sick off a bad burrito before. Just because I puked, every other word out of her mouth was "pregnant," which I am so not. I know she was trying to help, but just because she had one baby doesn't make her an expert, and I know if I told her the truth, that we didn't use anything, I'd never hear the end of it, no matter how wrong she is. And she is wrong because that wouldn't happen, not to us.

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