OLTL Best Lines Wednesday 6/8/11

One Life to Live Best Lines Wednesday 6/8/11


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Gigi: Rex, what's going on? Something happened at the hospital, didn't it?

Rex: You could say that.

Gigi: You saw Clint.

Rex: I managed to make a bad situation worse.

Gigi: How?

Rex: His heart is shot. The doctors have told him he doesn't have long to live. What do I say? "I hope you die."

Gigi: Oh, Rex.

Rex: Just as I shoot my mouth off, the alarms go, like, crazy. The doctors rush in. They manage to save him, at least for a little while, but it does not look good.

Gigi: And how are you dealing with that?

Rex: To tell you the truth, I really haven't thought about it. Something else happened. It's not me. It's not Clint. It's Matthew.

Gigi: I think we need to do some rescheduling. Our wedding plans. Rex, there is a lot going on with people that we really care about. I just don't think this is the best time.

Rex: Hey, we've put this wedding on hold long enough. Ok? It is time to get something positive, something hopeful, now more than ever.

Gigi: You really think so?

Rex: I am not waiting any more to make you my wife. You and Shane and me, we are a family, and I know getting married isn't gonna make us any more of one, but it is time to tell the world that we don't have an expiration date. This is forever.

Gigi: And here I thought you were gonna choke when it came time to writing our vows.

Rex: Are you kidding? This is gonna be the wedding that ends all weddings. I've got the most beautiful bride. I've got the coolest best man.

Gigi: Shane is gonna be so proud to stand up for you.

Rex: I am proud that he is standing up for himself.

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