OLTL Best Lines Thursday 5/26/11

One Life to Live Best Lines Thursday 5/26/11


Provided By Wanda

Roxy: Baby, I got the first flight that I could from Vegas, and I got you a little something something from the gift shop. Your own poker chips, because I know as a kid, you used to like to have your own. Thought maybe that would make you feel better. Honey, what kind of world is this, anyway? I turn my back for two seconds and that sicko throws you off the roof. Aww. Come here. I was on such a hot streak, let me tell ya. I couldn't lose. I didn't even hear my phone ring. The guy at the table with me had to dig into my bag and give it to me.

Natalie: Rex shouldn't have called you.

Roxy: What, and let me continue shooting craps and go to a Barry Manilow concert? I don't think so. Not when my kid is lying in a hospital bed. I was right all along. That Marty Saybrooke is a head case. And she's got your son. But not for long. Because have no fear, because Roxy's here.

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