OLTL Best Lines Monday 5/9/11

One Life to Live Best Lines Monday 5/9/11


Provided By Wanda

Cutter: I don't think going to bed right now is the best idea.

Tess: Really? I think it's brilliant.

Cutter: For all I know, Brody and Ford are outside just waiting for the right moment to break the door down.

Tess: Well, let them break it. It's not like those two idiots can send me to St. Ann's. Now only my dear, sweet, loving husband can get Jessica the help she desperately needs. Those two can't do a thing. You, on the other hand, you can--

Cutter: I would love to do quite a few things to you, but I don't want to get caught literally with my pants down.

Tess: Really? Has nothing to do with the fact that you're still in love with Aubrey, does it?

Cutter: Listen, Tess. The reason that I am not sleeping with you right now has nothing to do with Aubrey.

Tess: Oh, pbbt, of course not, and I'm sure you're not at all wondering what her reaction is gonna be when she finds out that I'm your lawfully wedded wife.

Cutter: I'm assuming it will be similar to my reaction when I found out that her and Joey got custody of your kid.

Tess: Jessica's kid, not mine.

Cutter: She's supposed to be in and out, smash and grab. No. She's been married to him for months now.

Tess: Oh, I'm sure she doesn't have any real feelings for Joey.

Cutter: She's supposed to be helping me rob his family, not start one with him. That was never part of the plan.

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