OLTL Best Lines Thursday 5/5/11

One Life to Live Best Lines Thursday 5/5/11


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Echo: And how is any of this your business?

Dorian: Everything you do is my business. Bottom line, you're not gonna live happily ever after with Viki's husband.

Echo: Why? Because you struck out with him? Don't mess with me, Dorian--you're out of your league. You come at me and i will be forced to tell your good friend Viki how you blackmailed Clint to get that recording, how you were willing to let him die.

Dorian: He's alive, isn't he? No harm, no foul.

Clint: The doctors won't give me a date, but they say I'd be ill-advised to plan a Memorial Day picnic.

Bo: What about a transplant?

Clint: With my blood type, I wouldn't move up the list in time. Aren't you gonna say something?

Bo: Like what?

Clint: Like serves you right?

Viki: Charlie, I am fairly certain that Echo knew she was dealing with Niki Smith.

Charlie: Echo wouldn't lie about something like that.

Viki: Oh, yes, she would.

Charlie: Why?

Viki: Because I think that Niki must have showed her something. Something she doesn't want you to know anything about.

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