OLTL Best Lines Tuesday 5/3/11

One Life to Live Best Lines Tuesday 5/3/11


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Dorian: I'm absolutely astounded that you and Aubrey, your sister--ha ha!-have survived all these years as grifters.

Cutter: No need to resort to name calling.

Dorian: You want names? How about amateurs? Because that's exactly what the two of you are--amateurs. You think you've got me? All you've got is a lot of confusion around timelines and Clint's heart attack, just confusion, but it is fact that you and your so-called sister are getting it on together. That is a fact, so don't you dare try and blackmail me, or I will go to Joe, and I will tell him exactly what you and Aubrey have been--

Aubrey: She is just trying to torture us, isn't she? Do you think that's why she hasn't blown the whistle?

Cutter: I shut her up.

Aubrey: Really? How?

Cutter: Doesn't matter. I took care of business while you were adopting a baby. How, exactly, does getting Tess' kid get us any closer to the Buchanan money?

Kelly: Hmm, but Marty is hiding something.

John: I'm feeling so are you.

Kelly: Did you just compare me to someone who is mentally ill?

John: 4 out of 5 doctors say Marty isn't sick.

Kelly: Ha! Oh, well, now I feel so much better about that. Thank you.

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