OLTL Best Lines Wednesday 4/27/11

One Life to Live Best Lines Wednesday 4/27/11


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Niki: Ok! Here we go again. Man, the stuff I got to do! Oh, Vik. Whoever told you this was a good idea? God, you got no taste! I got to jazz this up. Huh. Not with that. It's like a punishment. Of course, you always hated yourself, didn't you? Obviously you still do.

Viki: How did you get out, Niki? I had you under control. I thought I had you under control. You have to come back and let me out. I -- I need to go to the hearing. I need to get custody of the baby. I need to convince Tess to go away and Jessie to come back. Do you hear me, Niki? You have to let me out now!

Niki: You must be rubbing off on me, Vik. I should've hightailed it out of here when I had the shot. Ohh. Ick. But I promised Tess, didn't I? And Niki Smith is no welcher! Ha ha! She thinks I owe her. I don't owe her squat! But I'm gonna do her a little favor, and then she's gonna owe me. Yeah! So I'm gonna pretend to be you, Miss Viki, so Tess can get Jessie's kid and the money. And then I am on the first plane to Vegas! Bye-bye, Viki! That is the last you gonna see of me, the very last!

Viki: No! You will not hurt my daughter! Not again! You owe Jessica big time, and you will not take Ryder away from her! Now, let me out of here!

Tess: What is up with these two, huh? Do we have to go through this again? Ok. Niki is Viki's alter, so Niki's in Viki's head.

Natalie: So then where is Viki, because the hearing's about to start.

Tess: Yeah. You'd think she'd care enough about her grandchild to make an appearance, right?

Viki: As if you two could finish me off. I had a weak moment, and that's all it was. The loss of another marriage, a man I thought I could trust. Yes, it threw me seeing Charlie in that girl's arms, but I'm only human. And Clint playing God, destroying our daughters' happiness, and Tess coming back to torment us. And Natalie...all I ever wanted for Natalie was to see her happily married to the man she loves, and look what happened instead. Yes, I faltered. So what? I admit it. Despite all the marriages and the deaths and the shattering losses of the men I loved, of a child, of my beloved mother-- who left me far too soon. And despite my father, who betrayed my trust in the worst way imaginable. Despite all of that--no, because of it, because of everything that I have suffered, I am stronger than you, and all of you. I have survived, and I will continue to survive. And I will walk through hellfire if my children need me!

E.M.T.: Pulse is stronger. She's picking up.

Viki's voice: Joey, Natalie, Jessica, I'm coming back. I promise you, I will never allow Niki or Jean or any of them to take my place in the world. Yes, I share aspects of their characters, but I'm better than you, Niki. You're selfish and you're sloppy and you're devious. And I'm better than you with your cool precision and your relentless logic. I am a whole person, and I deserve to be with the people I love. There's no more hiding. There's no time for that now. I have only my one life, and I intend to keep living it now!

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