OLTL Best Lines Monday 4/25/11

One Life to Live Best Lines Monday 4/25/11


Provided By Wanda

Claude: Just be careful.

Tomas: When have I ever let a beautiful woman bring me down?

Claude: This Todd Manning situation is different. The two women you are closest to--Mademoiselle Cramer and your sister--are deeply connected to him. I'm afraid that if you see this through to the end, it could spell disaster for all of you.

Blair: So is Mr. Calmar gone?

Tomas: I hope he didn't offend you.

Blair: Of course not. Having a thug beat up my son-- that offends me. I cannot thank you enough for stopping them.

Tomas: Anyone else would've done the same.

Blair: Well, I think you've turned Jack into a big fan of yours. You're his hero now.

Tomas: He was pretty shaken up. And so are you, so if you want to cancel tonight, stay home with your son, I completely understand.

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