OLTL Best Lines Wednesday 4/6/11

One Life to Live Best Lines Wednesday 4/6/11


Provided By Kathy

Starr: You can take the video off MyFace, but everyone's already seen it. I don't know how much good it'll do.

Blair: Well, it'll do me good to know that it's gone. Guess what we're gonna do now? We're gonna delete your MyFace account.

Jack: Mom, come on.

Blair: I told you the consequences to this. I gave you fair warning.

Jack: Fair? Are you kidding? None of this is fair.

Blair: Yeah. I bet Shane felt the same way when you had the whole school gang up against him. Against a boy who did nothing to deserve it.

Jack: Okay. Video's gone. Happy now? Or do you still want to send me to jail? Or military school?

Starr: I wouldn't be a jerk right now if I were you, Jack.

Jack: Thanks, but I don't need your help.

Starr: I am trying to help you make this easier on yourself.

Jack: Yeah? Look who's talking, little miss perfect. Or didn't you get yourself knocked up in high school?

Téa: A juice box?

Shaun: I thought you could use it.

Téa: Mm. Didn't figure you for a juice box kind of guy.

Shaun: Ah, I bought a bunch for Destiny when she moved in with me. She used to take them to school. Those and string cheese and fruit snacks. And then she reminded me she's not 8 anymore.

Téa: Are you kidding me? Dani lives off those little peanut butter crackers.

Shaun: I thought it'd be better than all that coffee you've been drinking.

Téa: It's not bad. If they could caffeinate grapes, you might have something.

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