OLTL Best Lines Tuesday 4/5/11

One Life to Live Best Lines Tuesday 4/5/11


Provided By Kathy

Gigi: We get it.

Shane: No, you don't! You can't. You were a jock, and you were a cheerleader. You were both popular.

Gigi: Until I got pregnant when I was 17. That wasn't so cool. People pointed at me and whispered behind my back. My parents threw me out. None of my old friends wanted to know me.

Shane: So I ruined your life.

Gigi: No! No. I mean, it seemed that way for a while. I thought my life was over. I thought it was over. No future, no plan, no clue what I should do. But then, Shane, baby, you were born, and I took one look at you, and I knew that you were the best thing that ever happened to me. In one second, it changed like that. And you've made me happy every day of my life since then.

Shane: Not when I was sick.

Gigi: Especially when you were sick, Shane! Do you think I would trade one minute I've had with you? I love you! Please, Shane, I need more minutes! Please! We need more minutes. We need more minutes. Please.

Jack: Yeah. Blame Dad. Because he's the one who taught me how this world works.

Blair: So you think that's how this goes here?

Jack: Look around.

Blair: I've fallen down on my job. You were such a cute, funny, little kid. "Look at Jack. Look at him acting out. Look at him. He's just a real player, isn't he?" We thought it was so cute. I should've known.

Jack: Seriously, Mom, don't make a big deal out of nothing.

Blair: It's not nothing, Jack. You're not just a little toddler here being bratty. You're almost a grown man who's become a bully.

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