OLTL Best Lines Monday 3/28/11

One Life to Live Best Lines Monday 3/28/11


Provided By Kathy

Phyllis: One minute she's Jess, the next minute she's Tess. Maybe we should just call her "mess."

David: Leave you at the altar? How could you even think that?

Dorian: It wouldn't be the first time.

Viki: Or the second.

David: Of course you've heard of Bev Altman. Beverly Altman? Of Altman and Altman? It's the second-highest-rated talent agency in Van Nuys.

Dorian: David, why would she be calling you? I thought your acting days were over.

David: So did I, baby, but apparently, there's a Hollywood producer. He heard about my imprisonment in Morocco. Wants to make a movie about me. Guess who he wants to play the starring role?

Viki: Tuc Watkins.

Dorian: Oh, he's good.

David: No. That guy's a hack.

David: Dorian, it's really exciting. The studio is fast-tracking the project. They want to fly me to Vancouver immediately to start filming. Guess who my first scene is with. Brian Dennehy. He's playing Bo, and Bev said that they're trying to get somebody really horrible to play Clint, maybe Mel Gibson.

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